Thermos Food Jar Review and Giveaway

Thermos Food Jar Review and Giveaway

I have three kids in my house that are experiencing a mix of emotions this week. In 7 days they go back to school and the 2 oldest are not happy, but the youngest is totally excited. The little one is thrilled because she is starting grade 1 and is in full day school now. All this week we are making sure that they have everything needed for school. We have gone to buy new lunch boxes, outdoor shoes and made sure their backpacks are still fine. If there is one thing the boys are excited about regarding school, it is the fact that this year, they will be able to have some hot food in their lunches. Thermos sent me a Food Jar to test out and let me tell you, it is a great thing to have for school lunches!

Thermos Food Jar-6

The Thermos Food Jar holds 10oz of either hot food or cold food. It is surprisingly small and can fit in most lunch boxes. Do you have some left over spaghetti? Heat it up and put it in the food jar for a nice warm lunch of leftovers. Chicken curry, beef chili, mac and cheese,  soup, beans and wienies are some some examples that I know my kids will love to have for lunch. The Thermos food jar does a great job keeping things warm. Not only will it keep food hot, but it will also keep cold food cold. Spoon in some yogurt, homemade pudding or a fruit salad and it will stay cold until lunch.

Thermos Food Jar-10

I wanted to test the food jar to see how effectively it kept food both hot and cold. I placed nearly boiling water in one food jar and nearly freezing water in the other. I checked the starting temperatures of each and then closed the lid and left them on the counter at room temperature for four hours. After the allotted time, I came back and checked the temperatures. Here are my findings.

The Hot Test

  • Starting temperature – 196.7F
  • Temperature after four hours – 145.3F

The Cold Test

  • Starting temperature – 40.8F
  • Temperature after four hours – 51.2F

I was impressed with how well the Thermos was able to hold the temperature. The hot did cool down a bit and the cold did warm up, but the food would still be warm or cold as desired at the time of lunch for the kids.

Thermos Food Jar-12

I am thrilled to announce that Thermos has generously offered a Food Jar as a giveaway for one lucky reader. This giveaway is open to U.S. and Canadian residents only. Sorry to anyone who lives elsewhere. Make sure you use rafflecopter widget below to enter – just follow the instructions on the widget to enter (there are options for more than one entry as well!)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Buy this food jar or many of the other models made by Thermos at Amazon – Thermos Food Jar 10 oz.

Disclaimer: Thermos  provided me with the food jar. They did not pay me for this product review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.


  1. I would be keeping soup and chilli hot (my Toddler loves both) and yoghurt cold . (blueberry of course another fave of my Little man) . TY so much for Giveaway

  2. With another one off to school full time this fall, I would love a new thermos food jar!

  3. Definitely be handy for adding variety to lunches.

  4. Any kind of soup would go into these!!!

  5. Soup. . .tomato, lentil, chicken, curry any kind of soup.

  6. michelle tremblett

    I would use it to send soup to school for my kids lunch :)

  7. Pasta or rice and meat leftovers. I love a good Thermos!

  8. My favorite Indian soup called mulligatawny, especially on those crisp chilly fall days when a hot soup sounds really good.

  9. This sounds like a great product — much better than the cheap plastic cold blocks I had to put in my lunchbox as a kid.

  10. i would keep chicken noddle soup in it

  11. The worlds greatest potato soup from this amazing cafe in town. I would love take it to work everyday for lunch. <3

  12. Terri C. McMillan


  13. This would be great for lunch. Thanks !!!

  14. hot chicken noodle soup

  15. buttered noodles

  16. all kinds of food soup leftovers thanks for a chance to win it

  17. Probably soups/chili (hot foods more than anything.

  18. I would put bean soup in it for work! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. It has a nice sleek design that won’t embarrass the kids!

  20. My kids LOVE soup. They would eat soup for every meal if they could. They also like fruit.

  21. Shirisha Prodduturi

    I would use it to send rice and pasta for my daughter’s lunch.

  22. i would put homemade soup and stew in the food jar thanks

  23. Christine Mayfield

    I would put leftover chili int the Food Jar to keep it hot.

  24. I would use it for soup.

  25. I would use it for either one of our 2 boys or my spouse to take soups,chilli,fresh fruit & all kinds of different things. They currently have a thermos,but they say by lunch time their cool foods are warm & warm cold,so I would love to win this & try it out. Thanks for the opportunity!

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  26. All kinds of food-pasta, soup, and maybe even desserts like yogurt parfait

  27. chili or spaghetti for my grandson’s lunches

  28. Mac N Cheese with my daughter! She would be in heaven!

  29. I would like to put corn chowder in my thermos!

  30. I think I will be enjoying some pot roast stew!

  31. I would deff put in some of my home made chicken noodle soup for my husband to take to work on those cold days.

  32. any kind of soup or mac n cheese

  33. Mac n Cheese and spaghetti o’s

  34. I’d take some hot barbecue to work for my lunch.

  35. Some type of soup. Probably chicken soup. Thanks for doing the giveaway.

  36. endless possibilities

  37. I will put potato soup in this thermos. or any leftover this is great

  38. chicken soup

  39. I’d put chicken and noodles in it to keep hot!

  40. would be great to keep leftover chicken and dumplings in for kids lunches the next day….they would be sooo excited. :)

  41. sweet potato soup

  42. I would put egg casserole from breakfast for lunch. Yum… :)

  43. My kids would love this to take soup for lunch!

  44. Chicken noodle soup or shredded chicken there are so many great lunches

  45. I’d love to send my husband to work with something other than sandwiches for lunch once in awhile. I never thought of containers like these keeping cold food cold!

  46. Probably soup or chili.

  47. Soups or chili!

  48. I’d send my son to school with Ramen noodles!

  49. I would put soup in it.

  50. This would be great for my husbands lunches or for my kids to take soup to school for lunch

  51. spaghetti and chicken noodle soup will stay warm in this for my picky eater son.

  52. I would keep everything cold/hot. Would be very useful on my long kayaking trips!

  53. i would leave hamburger helper

  54. It would be chili.

  55. Leftovers, mac and cheese, watermelon, might have to get two.that way I can have something hot and cold on the same day.

  56. This would be perfect to take a hot lunch and still fit in my motorcycle saddlebags. Thank you Thermos

  57. would like to try spaghetti in it.

  58. Spaghetti with sauce in the Thermos for my daughter’s lunch. She loves it!

  59. I pack guacamole in my new Thermos!

    • We had leftover Chicken and dressing, which my daughter loves. So we filled her 16oz thermos and she had her favorite food nice and hot for lunch!

  60. Those are really amazing results with the hot and cold temps. I would love this because my youngest always wants certain things in his lunch, but his school does not have a microwave.

  61. Mac N Cheese

  62. Soup for sure but there are many possibilities!

  63. soup so my son will have something warm to eat during winter school lunches. :)

  64. My homemade soups or pasta salads – these are the perfect size for our family lunches we all pack 4 of us each day

  65. would love it

  66. Soup for work

  67. Jennifer Tornetta

    I would put mac n chees in one for my daughter. And soup too. :)

  68. I would put some Lemongrass with chicken soup in Thermos..Yummy

  69. My daughter loves spaghetti and meatballs so that would have to be my first choice.

  70. Chili, soup, rice, and macaroni.

  71. stew

  72. I could use one of these.

  73. Definitely be handy for adding variety to lunches.

  74. Beef Stew

  75. Chicken noodle soup!

  76. Soup or leftover pasta with sauce

  77. i’m put spagetti o’s. just like when i was in grade school

  78. Soup or Chili

  79. I would keep hot chocolate in it

  80. Baked salmon for school :)

  81. I would use it for leftovers to put in my daughters lunch. Soup, chili, pasta, etc.

  82. I would love to have this to take to work. We are often looking for lunch and this would make it so easy to take my favorite soup or chili this fall..this would be great

  83. My daughter would love to take some warm mac n cheese to school, since the p.b.j. is out of the school rotation.

  84. I would use it for hot chocolate!

  85. I would put my daughters fave lunch in it, spaghetti!

  86. Soup. or Spaghetti. I love bringing spaghetti for lunch!

  87. left over homemade chicken soup

  88. I would heat up some soup and as in indian we love to make curry so any kind of curry would be a good idea.

  89. It seems to be the number one answer, but I have to say soup as well. This would be great to take to work!

  90. definitely some traditional greek soup. mmm

  91. i would put chili and cheese in the Thermos, thank you

  92. I would put soup in mine to take for lunch. Unless there is no coffee pot at my new job…then maybe coffee!

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