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This is quite possibly the best coffee bean grinder on the market. Even consistent coffee grounds.

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I am a java junkie. I like coffee pretty much any time of day but an early morning and evening mug is an absolute must. Over the years I have turned into a bit of a coffee snob, balking at many low quality beans, grinders and machines. I drink my coffee black, so I suppose that I am able to notice the subtleties of quality.

The Breville Dose Control Pro, is quite possibly the ultimate coffee grinder. I have used many different grinders over the years and  I must say that I really love both the quality of the coffee grinds and the simplicity of the machine. It makes for one great countertop tool.

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The Dose Control Pro uses a stainless steel conical burr grinder which is excellent for producing even grinds. Burr grinders are far superior to common cheap blade grinders which do not produce an even grind. Conical burr grinders have cone shapes burrs and the beans are fed through the two burrs as it grinds the coffee. Burr grinders are one of the best types on the market.

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There is a large hopper that can hold around 12 oz of coffee beans which is big enough to hold enough beans for a few full pots of coffee. Obviously, the amount would vary based on size of the pot and the strength of coffee you prefer.

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At the base of the hopper there is a dial which, when turned, adjusts the grind size of the beans. The grind can be set to very fine, (which is great for espresso), coarse (ideal for french press), and everything in between. At the front of the machine, there is a dial, which allows you to set the amount of grounds you desire. Once set, simply press the button and the Dose Control Pro will grind the amount of beans selected. If necessary, simply press the button again to pause the grinder. Press one more time to resume the operation.

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One thing that I really like about this machine is that once I have set the dials for both grind size and amount of grounds, it stays there, so I do not have to do this every time I want coffee. I just put the coffee filter in place, and press the button. Super easy and really quick. While I do not have an espresso machine, the Dose Control Pro is built with espresso portafilters in mind. There are two sized cradles that can be put in place to hold portafilters ranging from 50-58 mm in diameter.

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The coffee grinds that the Doe Control Pro produces is quite even in its consistency.


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The Breville Dose Control Pro is worthy to be on the kitchen counter of any home of people who love coffee. The ease of use and quality of performance make this one great machine. If you are on the market for a coffee grinder, look no further as this is a great choice!

Disclaimer: Breville provided me with the Dose Control Pro. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.

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