A Quick and Easy Weeknight Meal Idea

Quick and Easy Weeknight Meal-5

As a food blogger, I like to make homemade meals, using wholesome ingredients. Quite often, the dinner meal is unique, as I work to develop a new recipe for the website. But, like any family, life is busy and there are times when there is no time to prepare a home cooked meal. With evening commitments like taking the kids …

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Canada Day BBQ Party

M&M Food Market Canada Day Post-10

Canada Day has become one of my favourite days of the year. For the last 9 years, we have hosted a family BBQ and there is usually around 25 or more people in attendance. Everybody who comes brings salads, desserts and beverages, while I supply the meat – and there is lots of meat! We always have a great time …

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Father’s Day and the Perfect Steak!

Grilling the perfect Steak

While Mother’s Day is the busiest day of the year for most restaurants, Father’s Day is a different day altogether. Many dads, myself included, prefer to head to the backyard and fire up the grill. Whatever the reason, maybe it is that male urge to hunt and provide for his family, dads find a great deal of joy grilling meat …

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A GLAD Holiday Weekend

A GLAD Holiday Weekend

This past weekend was the Victoria Day holiday which was on Monday. That meant we got a long weekend and that is always a great thing. We needed to get to the cottage to open it up for the summer, but early reports was that it would be cold and wet all weekend. I hate going to the cottage when it …

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I Co-authored a Cookbook for Bradley Smoker!

bradley smoker cookbook fi

I am excited to announce that a cookbook that I co-authored has been released and is available for purchase! I love to smoke food and developing recipes for Bradley Smoker to use in their cookbook was a lot of fun and it tasted great! There are five different authors that each developed a number of recipes to be included in …

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Pulled Pork Recipe Round Up


Pulled pork might just be the truest form of BBQ. Some people might say brisket, while others may say ribs or chicken, but for me it is all about pulled pork. I love to smoke some pork butts low and slow as the meat comes out tender, moist and full of classic bbq flavour. Some people who do not own outdoor …

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New Anova Sous Vide Machine on Kickstarter

anova precision cooker

It seems that there are constantly new sous vide machines coming out on the market. Personally, I love this, because I am a believer in the results of sous vide cooking. It did not take long for me to be convinced, as my first bite of a sous vide steak revealed just how amazing it is. This cooking technique results …

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Sous Vide Machine Comparison

Sous vide comparison-3

Over the past year, well not even that long, there have been many different sous vide machines hit the market. It really shows how cooking sous vide is not just new, but it is also catching on in popularity. Personally, I believe that sous vide cooking is going to become a standard in most kitchens, just like how slow cookers, …

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Valentines Day Baking Ideas

If you are looking to make your sweetheart a special treat for Valentines Day, then any of these baking kits would work out really well. Now, if you do not happen to have that special someone then the cookie cutters at the end of this post may be exactly what you are looking for!   Cupcake Kit The Cupcake Kit …

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Super Bowl Party Food Ideas

Football on Field

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away! Whether you are a Broncos fan, a Seahawks fan, or your team didn’t make it to the big game you probably want some good eats while you watch. If you are hosting a Super Bowl party then you have likely already started to think about the food that you will serve. …

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