A Wife’s Wish


Hi everyone.  I’m Janna, Steve’s wife, and I’m the voice of today’s post.  Each day Steve and I have been seeing the numbers climb in terms of how many hits he gets on this blog.  It’s flattering and exciting!  But, in a funny way, it’s been driving me crazy.  Let me explain.  While Steve loves to work away at food in our kitchen, I have a computer set up in the corner where I enjoy creating graphics and designs that can be put on t-shirts, mugs, aprons, bags and all kinds of products.  The problem for me is getting exposure because I’ve found that people are pretty encouraging about what I make, once they get a chance to see it.  So, you can imagine our conversations recently …

Me:  “Wow!  Lots of hits on your blog today, Steve.”

Steve:  “Yah.  Isn’t it great?”

Me:  “I wish I could show your readers some of the food designs from my

Steve:  “I bet they would like them.”


Steve:  “Well, I think I’ll head to the kitchen and start dinner.”

After a few of these “going nowhere” conversations, (O.K., I’m exaggerating for effect) I finally outright and asked if I could do a post to show some of you my cooking graphics and Steve said, “Sure!”  So, today is my chance!

If you like what you see above, you can see all my food designs here.

My store is called “Hits and Hobbies” and you can see everything I’ve created (not just food stuff) here at: http://www.cafepress.com/hitsandhobbies

I also have a blog where you can see the images in a larger size than the little thumbnails at my Cafepress store.

Please feel free to forward these links on to anyone who might be interested.  And, if you have any expressions or ideas you would like to have created for you, you can email me: [email protected] and I’ll see what I can do to help you out!

Thanks, everyone, for letting me intrude today.  There’ll be more great recipes coming your way soon – I promise!




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  • Love your stuff Janna! 🙂

  • It’s THRILLING to see husband and wife working together….actually affirming each other’s accomplishments.

  • Could you put a guest post on my blog Ilove your site. Can your wifes designs go on plus sizes because if so I would like to order some.

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  • Hey Kealey – Absolutely, there are plus sizes. Go to this link:


    click on the design you like and – poof – you should see hats, cards, bags and many different styles of shirts. The plus size shirts come in size 1 (16/18), 2 (20/22), 3 (24/26), 4 (28/30) and 5 (32/34). There’s also a size chart to refer to for more specifics (bust/hip/waist sizes are included). If you can’t find the plus size shirts, feel free to write back here or email me: [email protected]

    And everyone else, thank you so much for the kind words!!!

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  • I think you should make a shirt that says ” get in my belly!,” or an arrow pointing to your belly that says “food goes here”…. 🙂

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