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I started this website with a desire to file my recipes electronically and also with the desire to learn new culinary techniques. I never realized there was a such a big community in food blogging and that I would become part of this group. It has been wonderful and I have gotten to know so many great people. Today is a chance for me to share with you a small group of the people I have gotten to know. I have also chosen one dish from each of their websites, that I am wanting to make in the next little while. Each of them have many, many recipes I want to make.

Watercress and Radicchio Salad with Fuyu Persimmons and Spicy Lime Vinaigrette 

from Food and Style

I love going over to Food and Style to see what Viviane is cooking up. She is a sweet woman who continually amazes me with her creativity. I cannot tell you the amount of times I have looked at her dish and recipe and thought “wow – now that is ingenious!’ Viviane’s photos are top notch and I have learned a thing or two from her about food photography. This salad I have linked to looks so delicious. I have rarely eaten persimmons and have wanted to try getting creative with them in the kitchen. This salad will be the first thing I make with them!

Chicken Curry Sri Lankan

from Curry and Comfort

Ramona is the author of Curry and Comfort. Having the word curry in the website name was enough for me to take a look at her site. Ramona provides some incredible recipes of truly authentic curry dishes, but she also has a whole lot more than that. Within her recipes I can see a love of food and people. Almost every time I go to her site, I drool over what is cooking in her kitchen. I think that we like lots of the same types of food. This curry dish is her mom’s recipe and just looking at that picture makes me want a bowl of it now.

Caramelized Onion and Andouille Pizza

from Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts

Erin is the author of Dinners, Dishes, and Desserts. Her website is deadly, so go there carefully. Her desserts look incredible and I have a list of them I want to try. I really struggled with which recipe to link to in this post because there are so many great ones. She has a recipe on her site for making your own pitas and one to make English muffins. I have got to try both of those! The recipe I picked was this andouille pizza. I have some homemade andouille in my freezer and I am going to use it to make this pizza. It looks awesome!

Candied Balsamic Tomatoes and Mozzarella Salad

from Eat Yourself Skinny

Kelly, over at Eat Yourself Skinny, was the first fellow foodie blogger I got to know. She has helped me over the months, in many aspects of blogging. Kelly has given me so much  advice on food photography and I appreciate all her help. He photos look amazing as you can see from the photo above. The theme of her website is all about healthy eating, so a number of my dishes would not be compatible with her site and theme (I used the deep fryer way too much in January preparing appetizer posts for the Super Bowl – haha). Kelly has shown on her site that healthy eating does not mean skimping on flavor. She has creative dishes with fresh and bold flavors. This salad I have linked to looks so simple yet so delicious! I love every ingredient in the recipe and I plan to make it this weekend.

Southwest Eggs Benedict with Black Bean Spread, Avocado and Salsa

from Cookin’ Canuck

If you look at the name of Dara’s website, it reveals she is Canadian. Born in Eastern Canada, Dara also lived in Vancouver for a while, but now lives in the United States. As a fellow Canuck, I was immediately drawn to her website. It is a professional looking site and the dishes have such creativity. I am so impressed as well that she and her husband help parents set up intensive behavioral programs for children with autism. It is great that they can help parents in that way. This dish I have linked to looks amazing. I love eggs benedict and enjoy variations on that classic dish. This southwest version looks delicious!

Smoked Spice Crusted Chicken Fingers

from Smoked n Grilled

Curt over at Smoked n’ Grilled is the master of the grill and smoker. He has so many marinades, rubs and creative ways to prepare food in the smoker. I have a list of recipes from his site that I plan to try once spring comes to Toronto! Over the months, as I have gotten to know Curt, he has helped me work through blogging stuff like social media and monetizing the blog. I appreciate the time and counsel that he has given in those areas of blogging! The recipe above is a spice crusted chicken finger that is smoked. Seriously delicious looking!

Peanut Butter Fudge Cookie Dough Bites

from Bake Your Day

The final blog I want to highlight is Cassie’s Bake Your Day. She and I share a love for food and for God. She is a sweet person but her site is deadly. I have a weakness for snack foods and Cassie has some amazing dips and other appetizers. So, if you go there, you have been warned! Not only does Cassie make some awesome appetizers, but her desserts look incredible as well! Just take these cookie dough bites I have linked to. I don’t know if I could stop eating them!

All the photos and recipes are used and linked to with permission.


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  • Hey Steve, thanks for the awesome compliment! I’m honored to be mentioned on your site, and to be included in such great company.

  • Thanks so much for putting this together, Steve. What a great idea, and this list is fabulous! Thanks so much for your kind words about me and my blog too!!

  • Steve! It is a great honor to be on of the blogs that you’re featuring today. Thank you for the kind words – you have truly touched my heart.

    It is also a great pleasure to be in such wonderful company! I love the recipes you have chosen today.

    I have enjoyed reading your blog so much. You are so creative and wonderful and your love of food is contagious. Keep up the excellent work.

  • Aw thank you so much for featuring my recipe Steve, you are so sweet! You’re blog is amazing and has grown SO much! 🙂

  • Steve, you’re awesome!! Thanks for including me in your wonderful round up. 🙂 I really appreciate what you wrote about me. It’s been such a pleasure sharing recipes with you!! My kids are still talking about your angry bird cupcakes. ~ Ramona

  • The chicken fingers look awesome! Glad you brought these together, some I have missed and some not. There is way too many great recipes out there to cover them or or to make them all for that matter! Thanks for the round-up.

  • Awww, yay! Some of my all time favs too. I was just like you. I had NO idea how big this community was, but it is so nice to be influenced and supported by like minds. Great roundup.

  • great roundup, Steve! I love seeing features like this, and everything looks delicious!

  • That is a fabulous round-up of blogging peeps! It’s amazing how many talented and incredibly supportive food bloggers there are!

  • Wonderful recipes here, Steve! Some I’d seen but a couple I missed; glad to find them here 🙂

  • Such delicious features! I love all these blogs, too 🙂

  • Steve, thanks so much for your kinds words and for featuring my recipe. I always enjoy visiting your site!

  • Wow! These are all such incredible dishes from talented bloggers. What a great compilation!

  • Hi Steve,
    A fabulous round up of recipes. Thanks for sharing.

  • Thank you for this most excellent collection! I’m very grateful to find these new foodie friends 🙂

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