Salton VitaPro Low Speed Juicer Product Review

Back in my university days, there was a period of time when I was a vegetarian. I know that is hard to imagine, considering all the meat recipes on my site, but it is true. For around 18 months, I did not eat any meat and I was in a crazy health kick. I bought a juicer and juiced pretty much everything! Back then I even juiced kale – over 15 years before the crazy kale rage going on now. The thing is, my juicer was really not all that great. It was loud – screaming like a banshee loud – as the mesh spun around at warp speed. It shredded the vegetables as it juiced and the worst thing about the juicer was cleaning it. I so remember spending time with a toothbrush cleaning out that mesh. I gave up juicing eventually because I was so tired at how long it took to clean the juicer.

Juicers have come a long way since my old screaming unit and Salton has an outstanding low speed juicer called the VitaPro. This juicer uses a totally different technology than the old style units and the machine runs at a far lower speed. This low speed does not diminish the results. On the contrary, these low speed juicers are far more effective at producing a higher yield of juice than from older models. Salton sent me their VitaPro to test out and share my thoughts. Let me tell you, this juicer ROCKS! Everything about the VitaPro machine is impressive.

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The VitaPro uses a large auger to both guide the food into the juicer and press it into the mesh strainer. This is a cold press technology that uses no hi-speed blades to perform the juicing. The auger is solid, surprisingly heavy and was quite effective in pushing the food through the juicer. It works at a low speed but must have a high torque and strength and the food is pulled in.

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The juicer has one switch with three settings: on, off and reverse. The reverse is only needed really if some of the food gets jammed in the chute. Using the juicer is simple; turn it on and put the fruit or vegetables into the chute. It is necessary to make sure that the pieces are not that big, especially hard food like carrots. If they are too large, they can get jammed. If that happens, switching it into reverse mode allows the food to be released and then it is ready to go again. I never really had a problem with food getting stuck.

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While testing the VitaPro, I made many different kinds of  juice, using everything from carrots, celery, kale, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, apples, strawberries, kiwi, pineapple and more. I have always loved carrot juice, so I made it multiple times, sometimes adding a little celery, kale and even apple. The juice was amazing!

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One of the most impressive features of the VitaPro is that while it is juicing it is also cleaning the mesh strainer. Where I had to spend a while cleaning my old juicer, this one cleans while it is on. If you look in the pic above, you can see the mesh strainer inside the juice bowl. Around it is an orange sweeper basket that cleans up all the mesh while the juicer is in operation. It worked quite well.

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All of the pulp is pressed through a chute into a pulp container. The pulp that comes out of the VitaPro is very dry, which means that most of the juice is sent the right way and into the glass!

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The VitaPro comes apart easily. Unlock the cover to gain access to the auger and mesh strainer.

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They easily come apart and just need to be washed or rinsed.

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This is what the mesh strainer looks like after making carrot juice. I rinsed it with running water and everything came right off. Yes, cleaning is THAT easy. The VitaPro sold me at this point.

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The only tricky spot to clean was at the bottom of the juice bowl. There is a flap that keeps the juice from going into the pulp chute. Some pulp can get stuck in there and it requires a little extra work to clean up. The juicer comes with a cleaning brush that makes cleaning this spot a snap but many times it was not even needed.

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On top of carrot juice, I made this strawberry and grape juice. YUM! Sweet and delicious. The juice that comes out of the VitaPro is really good and the great thing is that you can mix it up with your favorite fruits and vegetables. The possibilities are endless.

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Freshly juiced apple juice is likely the best you will ever have! One of the features of low speed juicers is that it can produce a ‘meatier’ juice. Some old juicers produce a thin juice, but many nutritionists say that the juice made from units like the VitaPro are far better for you and yield more of the nutrients of the fruit or vegetables.

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The biggest complaint I have with the VitaPro has nothing to do with the machine. The instructions that come with the juicer are not very detailed. For a product of this value, I would have hoped for more information. The recipe section is especially weak, being only half a page. I know that the internet has an endless supply of recipes but I, like many others, look at the manual first for recipes when trying a brand new product.

Manual aside, the VitaPro by Salton, is an excellent juicer and one that is definitely worth the price. It rivals any other juicer on the market, some that are even $100 more than this unit.

Pick up the VitaPro online at and these other retailers: Kitchen Stuff Plus, Sears, Personal Edge, Centre du Rasoir, Boutik Electric and Ares Equipment.

Disclaimer: Salton provided me with the VitaPro Low Speed Juicer. They did not pay me for this product review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.


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  • Thank you for sharing this review. Reviews like these are really helpful for consumers who would want to make wise decisions. I have recently bought a juicer and I am very pleased with the results. My whole family is loving it. maybe worth to check it out.

    • Haven’t noticed mention of wheat great juicing for the Vitapro, how is it for 2wheat grass?

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      • I put wheatgrass in it for the first time today, and drank wheatgrass juice for the first time ever (much sweater than i would have guessed, like i put a tablespoon of sugar into the 2oz i produced). I have not used any other juicer for anything other than the vitapro so i dont have anything to compare it to but i did get juice from it. All in all i have no complaints although when i put overly mature sprouts threw it the long fiber caused the fiber chute (what i call the solid chute at the bottom) to jam… not a big deal i just poured everything into the mason jar i grew the sprouts into and started again second time worked great and i doubt you will ever encounter fiber like that on your own (it usually works great with sprouts these ones where growing way to long, i shouldnt even call them sprouts lol)

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  • Great review, thanks! There isn’t a lot of information about this product online so far. How does this product compare to the more expensive Omega VRT line of juicers which this one seems to be based on in terms of design?

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  • Great review on the Salton JE1372, slow juicer. This machine was on sale for $148.00 and is strikingly similar to the vrt model advertised by an elustrious. The motor body, mesh strainer and auger appear identical. In fact, salton liturature advertises the strainer as ‘8x strength,’ which is the same claim as the ‘spensive juicer claimes. This unit has a 5 year warranty, which is classy considering the low low price point. I simply took the unit out of the box, gave the top end a quick soap and a rince and assembled unit from what how I had seen the ‘exspencive’ brand assembled in the various youtube clips I had watched…. Now to be fair, you only receive one collector bowl. The famous one includes two plastic bowls. Another difference is in the ‘wiper’ – this famous one has 2 nice ample ‘sqweegie’ wipers that wipe the glass side AND the mesh screen side… The salton only wipes the mesh screen side. Other than that, same basic machine. Quite

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  • Hey, Great review on the Salton JE1372, slow juicer you have there. This machine was on sale for $148.00 and is strikingly similar to the vrt model advertised by an illustrious brand name, so I grabbed it! The motor body, mesh strainer and auger appear identical to the ‘brand name’ model. In fact, salton liturature advertises the mesh strainer as ‘8x strength,’ which is the same claim as the ‘spensive juicer claimes. The auger? VERY same. This unit has a 5 year warranty to boot, which is classy considering the low low price point. I simply took the unit out of the box, gave the top end a quick soap and a rince and reassembled the unit from how I had seen the ‘exspencive’ brand assembled on various youtube clips I had watched. Then I went ahead and cut up some apples and tossed in some blueberries. It was delicious and simple – and you can pre rince the machine by running water through the unit while it is running 🙂 then a I cleaned the top end parts – pretty easy – WAY EASIER THAN THE HIGH SPEED JUICER I OWNED YEARS AGO – and WAY more juice too…. Now to be fair, you only receive one collector bowl with the Salton 1372JE. The famous brand includes two plastic bowls. Another difference is in the ‘wiper’ – the ‘famous one’ has 2 nice ample ‘squeegee’ wipers that wipe the glass side AND the mesh screen side… The salton only wipes the mesh screen side, which is fine by me, but I WILL be calling Salton’s service department in the morning to see if that is how the wiper is meant to be. Other than that, same basic machine. Quite – flexible – great yield and remarkable good low price – 😎 (I got their last one in stock) to top it off, the spigot even has I nice little flip so the various juices can blend together while they are busy being juiced. Tight unit, runs solid. Thanks for the great website. Cheers

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  • are there disposable liners for this juicer?

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    • no there are not. Well, not that I know of anyway

  • in all fairness i have never owned a juicer before purchasing my Salton Vitapro. As far as juicing goes it does that ok ..i guess. i am happy with the amount of juice, the colour and the taste. i find most of the juices i make to be somewhat frothy. i can live with that. As mentioned before the juice taste great after further straining through my dollar store strainer. which is now a permanent part of my juicing experience with my Salton Vitapro, yes it is setup for juicing not smoothies. I can live with that.. What i am having a real problem with is removing the auger after juicing. It truly is a task, for that reason and that reason only am not a fan of the Salton Vitapro

    • Reply
    • Ah yes i could have mentioned this in my above post and (for me anyway) the first time i put it together it seemed quite confusing. But i would like to add just as a help to you jurior if you run the machine back and forth a few times before trying to dissasemble it will be somewhat easier. Even when doing this it still seems a little tricky but not as bad as when you just pop the lid and try to rip it apart but either way you do it its not easey good point

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    • Junior, so glad to see that other people are having this problem. We also own a Salton VitaPro juicer as well and we sometimes spend up to an hour or more just trying to get the “auger” or juice bowl part off the machine. It makes us not want to use it again and are not big fans of it anymore. Do you have any recommendations on how to get it off? As I type this, our machine sits still assembled because we can’t remove it! Thank you!

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  • love the machine ,but i am having problems getting it apart{removing the auger} a real pain some times have to let it dry out for a day, but it workes realy well..

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  • Salton vitapro pro
    Stay away!
    This product is user unfriendly.
    Sent first one back because of the 3 tabs broke off at motor section.
    Just blew up second one. Something snapped inside motor housing.
    This is from juicing baby spinach leave, carrots and beets.
    Even took the time to slowly feed it so motor does not bog down.
    No warranty on second one…used it 3 times.
    Terrible product

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  • I got this juicer from 3 Christmas’ ago and I didn’t use it for two years and I tried to use it again today… Now I remember why… This machine is a POS. After juicing… There’s still SOOO much pulp in the juice its self that I have to strain it myself. STAY AWAY!!!!

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  • well it says no where even on the official site that its BPA free though… doesnt even say nothing about the RMP motor rotation… ?!

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