Napoleon Cast Iron Skillet Product Review

Cooking on the grill is quite versatile, but there are some things that you cannot cook on the grates of a grill for fear of them falling though. There are many different accessories available to expand cooking options on the grill and Napoleon has some of the best quality products around. They sent me a bunch of products from their Pro Series  to test and feature, and I have to say that I have been incredibly  impressed with all them. Each of their products is both well made and very useful for any grill aficionado.

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This product is the Napoleon Elite-Professional Cast Iron Skillet and it is quite handy for making fajitas, grilling shrimp and really anything that might fall through the grates of  the grill. As much as this skillet is great for cooking right on the grill, it is also perfect for serving. The skillet comes with a black serving tray that the hot skillet rests on when brought to the table. This is just like any fajita skillet you may see at a restaurant.

Napoleon Grills Cast Iron Skillet-4

Being made of cast iron, the skillet is solid and sturdy. It seemed to be already seasoned, but I still heated it on the grill and added a couple tablespoons of oil to season. We love Mexican food at our house, so I love any opportunity to make fajitas. I cooked the chicken right on the grill grates, but the skillet was perfect to saute the onion and peppers. It is not a large skillet, so you would not use this to feed a crowd. It instead, is geared towards feeding 1-2 people and there was plenty of surface space for me to fry up enough onions and peppers to feed fajitas for two people. The vegetables did not stick at all and they cooked up quite nicely with an even heat.

Napoleon Grills Cast Iron Skillet-3

Obviously, the cast iron skillet would be very hot and lifting it off the grill could be challenging. It comes with a removable cast iron handle that hooks into a slot on one end of the skillet. This allows for easy transportation of the skillet, right to the table. Rest the skillet on the serving tray and you have a great plated presentation. This skillet is great for fajitas, but there are many other options as well. It would be great for steak with sauteed mushrooms. Grill the steak and cook up the mushrooms on the skillet. Place the steak on the skillet, when cooked to desired doneness, and serve to the table right on the skillet. Just like at a restaurant!!

Napoleon Grills Cast Iron Skillet-2

The fajitas were great and everything was done outside! Amazing for those warm weather days! Here are some great recipe links for making your own fajita dinner!

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Cleaning the skillet is easy, as a quick wipe down in warm water should clean it up. Avoid using soap as that can remove the seasoning from any cast iron skillet. I love this grill accessory and have already used it a bunch this summer! This is one more great product made by Napoleon Gourmet Grills and it will definitely expand your cooking options anytime you cook outside.

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Disclaimer: Napoleon provided me with the Cast Iron Skillet. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.

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