Moulinex Infiny Press Revolution Juicer Product Review

I have owned and used many juicers over the years and there has been a big leap in both the technology and design of juicers. There are two main types of juicers: centrifugal and masticating. Centrifugal juicers use extremely high speeds to grind, shred and essentially destroy the fruit or vegetable. These are the style of juicers that have been around for years. I have used more than one of these and they served me well. While these can work effectively, some say that the high speeds can heat the juice which negatively impacts the nutrients and antioxidants within the juice.

The other main type of juicers are called masticating juicers and they use a very different technology. These operate at far lower speeds (typically under 100 rpms), but use high torque and press the fruit or vegetables to release the juice. This technique often results in a higher yield of juice.

Moulinex has released the Infiny Press Revolution Juicer, which is a masticating juicer (also known as a cold press juicer). Moulinex is a French brand of small appliances and kitchen equipment. A well known name across Europe, Moulinex products are now sold in Canada through Canadian Tire. I was sent their Infiny Press Revolution Juicer to test out.

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I love the sleek design of the Infiny Press! It looks great on my counter top and does not take up a lot of space. The juicer comes with two stainless steel filters, which results in two different types of juice. The one filter is smaller and produces juice that is typical of masticating juicers. The other has a mesh that is a little larger and allows some more pulp into the juice. Not only does it allow for thicker juice, it can also be used to make smoothies, coulis, sauces and more.

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Masticating juicers break down and press the fruit or vegetables. This is done with a large auger that is inside the mesh filter. The auger pulls the food in and presses them through the mesh to create the juice. The auger needs to be of extremely high quality plastic to be able to handle its work load. Holding the auger of the Infiny Press, I was surprised it was much lighter than augers of other brands. I am not sure the type of plastic used, but during operation, it still seemed very durable and performed fine.

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One unique feature of the Moulinex juicer is that there are three chutes. Most juicers have just one, but having the three was quite interesting. They were all going into the same place and the auger could really only handle so much food. But, I did find that placing food through the different chutes sped up the process a bit and minimized any clogging.

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I tried many different types of juice recipes in the Infiny Press. The first I made was a green juice, consisting of kale, cucumber, lime and green apple. The juicing of kale and other leafy greens can vary quite a bit from different machines. Some juicers are not very good and getting much juice out of the leaves and a lot gets lost in the pulp.

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The Moulinex did a fine job and the Infiny Press separated the juice and the pulp where each went into one of the two provided plastic jugs.

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The pulp was extremely dry. I picked up some of the pulp and pressed it between my fingers and it resembled sawdust. There was no more liquid in this stuff.

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I continued to use the juicer and tried it with many different fruits and vegetables. It did a great job with everything I made. Using the juicer mesh, it produced juice that had almost no pulp. Everything including carrot, apple, berries and more came out with excellent quality juice. The filter with larger holes did produce a thicker product and I imagine that there are a lot of possibilities that could come from this option. I tried it with tomatoes and a garlic clove to make pizza sauce. It was not too thin, but spread nicely on the pizza crust. I would also love to try this for making plum sauce with fresh fruit. It should taste great!

The machine was extremely quiet. Most low speed juicers are on the quiet side, but this is one produced the least noise that I have experienced. Cleaning the Infiny Press was also fairly easy. The juicer comes apart and everything can go in the dishwasher. The only part that needs a little extra work are the stainless steel filters. Using the cleaning brush that is provided works to get all the pulp out of the holes and a few minutes is all that is needed to get the filter clean.

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The Moulinex Infiny Press Revolution Juicer is made in France and works at 80 rpms, which is typical of low speed masticating juicers. This juicer is comparable in function and performance to many other similar juicers on the market. The one aspect of this juicer that does concern me though, is the warranty. The Infiny Press Revolution Juicer has a 1 year warranty. This is quite a bit lower than other masticating juicers on the market, where most of them range from 5-10 years. The price of this model from Moulinex is attractive, coming in at 1/3- 1/2 the price cheaper than some other similar products.

This juicer worked great in all the testing I did with it. Every part of the machine seemed very well built. The juicer even came with a glossy, full colour recipe booklet. It was quite sharp and provided some good recipes to get the novice juicer started. This is an excellent juicer for the price and perfect for any individual or family wanting to add juicing to their diet.

Pick up the Infiny Press Revolution Juicer at Canadian Tire.

Disclaimer: Moulinex provided me with the Infiny Press Revolution Juicer. They did not pay me for this product review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.


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  • I just bought mine today. Canadian Tire had them for $200, down from the usual $300. Lucky I saw the juicer as I left CT earlier today, and then googled the model and reviews, and then did more googling to find out today was the last day of the sale! I made it to CT just before they closed and scooped mine up for $200 plus tax. Hopefully it will be better than my Oster juicer.

  • After almost two weeks of using this juicer, let me say I am very displeased with it. A common problem it has is that it gets clogged up. The pulp is supposed to exit the juicer, but often a clog develops somewhere and the juicer gets clogged up. Then you can’t put new veggies in until you clean the juicer. Its ridiculous.

    If this juicer worked the way it was supposed to, it would be awesome. I’m bringing mine back for a refund.

  • My husband and I have been using this juicer for over a month now and are very unhappy with the results. I agree that the pulp is very dry, but the juicer constantly gets clogged and, like Cody said, you cannot add anything to the juicer until you clean the entire thing to get rid of the clog! For the money that we spent on this juicer, I am definitely not happy and will be returning it for a full refund.

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  • I LOVE this Moulinex juicer. It is my third juicer, and works the absolute best so far. I’ve been through the Jack LaLonde one, as well as a MagicBullet one. Both broke and did not stand the test of time. I love this juicer for many reasons:

    1) It’s a masticating juicer that juices FAST. You want to buy a masticating juicer (as opposed to a centrifugal one) so that you get more juice from your produce, the juice lasts longer, and you get more nutrients from your leafy greens. It also maintains the enzymes in your fruits/veggies better since it cold presses them, and doesn’t heat them up and rip/crush them. The problem with other masticating juicers is that they juice so slowly…. but this one is fast. It only takes a minute to make a juice. Yippee!
    2) It looks pretty. Seriously, that counts for something since it’s smaller than other juicers and I don’t mind seeing it on my counter all the time. It also fits nicely under my cabinets, which is an added plus (I have a standard Minto townhouse).
    3) Other reviews said that it clogs. Mine has never clogged on me. I think you have to realize that juicers are delicate things and with any juicer, it is better to put smaller chopped veggies in them rather than whole fruit/veggies that might clog it easily.
    4) You can make two juices before you have to clean it. Make one juice, and then run some water through it. Now you can just leave it, and not clean it until after your next juice.
    5) It’s fairly easy to clean. It is easy to put together and take apart, and the pieces just clean with water running over it. You can put most pieces in the dishwasher, but I find it easy enough to clean by hand. The annoying part is having to wait until all the pieces dry again before you build it back together, but I think this is the case with any juicer you buy.
    6) I have not even explored the other filter in it, which lets you make smoothies and sauces. But know there are other options to this juicer too.

    Buyers should realize that the opening for putting fruit/veggies into is smaller in diameter than other juicers. You cannot put a whole apple in it like you can with other juicers (but seriously, who does that?). The plus is that there are THREE openings, so you can keep putting veggies in all three as you juice. It makes it go faster.

    I highly recommend this juicer to anyone. It’s easy to use, visually pleasing, and works like a charm. Not to mention that it is really good for your health since it gets more nutrients from your fruits and veggies than other non-masticating juicers. Happy juicing everyone!

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    • Vera good review thank you.

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  • Over Manley years I have purchased Molinex appliances when I have found the, as I have found with the ones I have that they are excellent, stand up to usage, and give great performance. I have not always been able to locate them. I will be going to CT for this and see what other items from Molinex they have. Thanks!

  • I just purchased this juicer from CT for $150 – 50% off in their boxing day sale! I put the juicer together about 5-6 times, it never worked so I had to take it back (the ‘on’ button just flashed red the entire time so I think it had a genuine defect). I got a replacement unit and was very hopeful it would be ok. It worked immediately!! Before getting this juicer I had been using a Breville centrifugal juicer which was pretty good, but this Moulinex is better in a number of ways.

    1 – it has a lovely sleek design, looks good on the counter
    2 – it operates quietly
    3 – very easy to clean
    4 – there’s an intensity of flavour that is much more noticeable in comparison to my centrifugal juicer

    The only thing I don’t agree on is the pulp – other comments indicate that the pulp is dry and my experience doesn’t reflect that. I admit however that I’ve only used it once and I made a juice comprised of apple, orange, carrot and ginger and the pulp held a lot of moisture. Maybe when I do other juices the pulp consistency will differ.

    All in all this is a very nice, compact, attractive and efficient juicer.

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  • Worst juicer I’ve ever used , gets clogged up like nothing even when rotating between leafy greens and fruits full of liquid like apples . The pulp coming out isn’t that dry either ,.. Would have rather went with an omega . Don’t buy this juicer !

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  • Weakness in this juicer is the plastic feeder. After 6 months on our first unit cracked, fell apart and the 3 sided metal ferule also fell out. This is a critical flaw and should have been engineered to correct. On warranty Cdn. Tire replaced the entire unit. Second unit ( 14 mos in service), has now failed in same manner. No warranty, so will be talking to Moulinex direct for replacement of that part. Hopefully they respond as well as Breville has, as we have had excellent response from on them when requiring replacement parts for their applliances. While happy with the juice this juicer produces, would not recommend this appliance if you intend to juice frequently (example carrots) until they correct the weakness of using plastic in the feeder base unless you don’t mind a short life expectancy of the appliance (no issues with the motor!).

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