Breville YouBrew 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker Product Review

People’s preference in coffee is just as varied as their preference in NFL teams. Some people like coffee strong while others like it weak. Some prefer Starbucks, while others will only go to Tim Hortons. Imagine that you could own a coffee maker that has the ability to brew coffee for you, exactly to your preference. The Breville YouBrew 12-Cup Drip Coffee Maker is probably the most ‘complete’ home coffee machine I have ever seen.

  • Do you want a full pot? No problem!
  • How about just a single cup of coffee? Sure!
  • Like your coffee strong? The YouBrew can handle that!
  • Do you prefer a mild cup of java? The machine can do that as well!

In many ways it is like having a barista right in your kitchen. This machine will grind the beans and brew the coffee just the way you like it.

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There is no need to have a separate grinder with this machine. Nope, the YouBrew holds the beans, grinds them and makes the coffee. It has a hopper in the back that is large enough to hold about 1/2 pound of coffee beans. The grinding is done with a burr mill that is right under the hopper. All you need to do is fill the YouBrew with the beans and the machine moves them into the grinder and then right into the coffee filter. It is so easy!

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The water reservoir holds 12 cups and the access is at the top of the machine, just in front of the bean hopper. As you add water, the digital display shows exactly how much water is in the reservoir. Once it is full, the machine beeps and a nifty red “FULL” sign lifts up. I love that! You can see it in the photo below.

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The YouBrew allows you to brew one single cup of coffee or 12 cups and every amount in between. The first thing I wanted to do when testing the machine, was to make a full 12 cups of coffee. This is usually how we brew java in our house, because none of it will go to waste.

After the water is full, and the hopper is full of beans, it is time to use the control panel to let the machine know how you want it to brew your coffee. Hit the carafe button to cycle through the number of cups to be brewed. Then hit the strength button to adjust how strong you want your coffee. There are 7 strength settings: 5 are from low to strong and there are also 2 intense levels. The machine can only brew a maximum of 8 cups of coffee if the intense strength is picked. That is because the coffee filter will be totally filled even for 8 cups of coffee. I love strong coffee and it is nice to see a machine that can actually make coffee that strong.

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Once the strength is chosen, hitting the start button will get the YouBrew going. Immediately, the grinder starts, and it grinds the exact amount of coffee needed according to the settings you chose. There is even a timer on the digital display that shows how long it will be until the coffee is ready. I do not know if I have ever seen that before in a coffee maker.

The YouBrew beeps when it is all done. The coffee was nice and hot. It tasted smooth, had a wonderful flavor and was not bitter at all. The thermal carafe kept the coffee hot for a good couple hours. Obviously, the less coffee there is in the carafe, the quicker it will cool down.

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Once the machine has brewed coffee, whether it is a single cup or a full carafe, the display shows that the filter needs to be emptied.

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Pressing the “Open” button to the left of the display causes the front arm of the machine to swing open, revealing the coffee basket and holder.

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Opening the front of the machine also shows the disc and chute for the ground coffee. After a number of uses, it will be necessary to clean both the chute and the disc. The YouBrew comes with a brush that can remove any loose grounds. The disc can also get some build up of coffee grounds. I found that wiping it down with a wet cloth can remove any grounds that are caked on. Since there are lots of moving parts, this machine does require more cleaning than some of the of the other coffee machines on the market.

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The filter basket and holder lifts right out. Dump the grounds, give it a quick rinse, put the basket back in place, and the YouBrew is ready to make another pot.

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The Single Cup feature in the YouBrew has many options. There are 9 cup sizes that you can choose from and there is a bit of trial and error to figure out the size of your own personal mug. Along with choosing the strength of coffee, it is also possible to choose the flavour of the coffee. Only available when brewing a single cup, there are five flavour settings from lite to bold. The flavour setting actually tells the machine how long to steep the water in the coffee filter with the grounds. This obviously would not work when brewing a whole carafe of coffee because the water needs to keep moving.

I absolutely LOVE this feature as it seems to merge a drip coffee machine with a french press. I have used a french press to make coffee for years and it can produce coffee with a wonderful rich flavour. This is the first time I have found that a drip machine can brew coffee where it tastes strong and bold, just like the french press. This has now become my ‘go-to’ setting for coffee anymore. I set the strength to intense, the flavour to bold and let the YouBrew make me one incredible cup of java.

This machine has a wide range of settings and the mild strength and lite flavour settings are perfect for people who prefer a milder cup of coffee.

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Everything about the YouBrew really impressed me and here are some of the highlights for me:

  • This is truly an all-in-one coffee machine. The grinder, right in the machine, is great to have and it uses the technology of Breville’s burr mill grinders. The coffee grounds are evenly ground and perfect every time.
  • Being able to select the strength of the coffee is great. This is probably my favorite feature as I love stronng coffee, but my wife prefers it weak, therefore, we can make a pot or a cup exactly the way we like it.
  • I expected that it would take a while to clean the YouBrew, but the door swings open, and within a minute or two, the basket is washed and back in place ready for another brew.
  • There is a program feature that allows you to set the YouBrew to make a pot any time of day. There is nothing like waking up to the grinder starting up and you know that some fresh java is mere minutes away!
  • This coffee machine will look great on your kitchen counter. The brushed steel looks really snazzy.

Every once in a while, I try a product where I am so impressed that there is not much negative I can say. That is the case with the Breville YouBrew. If I were to criticize it, I guess the one thing is that I wish that the hopper could hold a full pound of beans. Still, it holds enough for 2-3 pots of coffee. That is it. I just love this machine. Some might think it is pricey – and yes it is. But, this machine is quality and I think it is well worth the price.

Pick up the Breville YouBrew at Amazon – Breville – YouBrew

Disclaimer: Breville provided me with the YouBrew. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.


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  • I love Breville products. I have a few Breville appliances in my house too. 🙂 This coffee sounds amazing.

  • I like the look of this too Steve!!

  • So it’s like a Keurig but without the super expensive k-cups and the coffee is actually good? Sounds good to me!

  • Those K cups are expensive, so to save money they came up with the clone cups, so the K company in now is loosing money as they are a coffee company and not a coffee machine maker, what to do? I know said the greedy K company, we will make a version 2 with a bar scanner to scan our new version 2 K cups to block the clone cups which dont have that bar code… So the K company wanted to go proprietary like IBM and Compaq did in the old days, making the old K machines ether being new or used are worth MORE than the brand new ones sitting on the shelves as NOBODY wants them, or people have cleverly bypassed the laser bar scanner on the new machines..

    History repeats itself because they didn’t study it, and thought what a great idea, we are selfish, greedy and just looking out to make a lot of money selling our coffee in our K cup containers.. Not.

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