Rösle Charcoal Grill Product Review

I love trying new products and when Rösle sent me their new 24 Inch Charcoal Grill, I was extremely excited to try it out. The one problem was that I received it in early December. Now, I have no problem using a grill in the wintertime: I do that all the time! I was more concerned with getting some nice photos of the grill in action. Usually, we see grilling photos in the middle of the summer, with lots of green grass and bright sunshine. December in Toronto does not work for those types of photos. I debated how to best showcase the product, but then mother nature took over.

A few days before Christmas, a major ice storm hit Ontario and, where I live in Toronto, it was apparently one of the areas with the most accumulation. With more than an inch of ice (30mm) coming overnight it brought down tree branches and power lines all throughout the city.

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I don’t ever remember experiencing such an ice storm. It hit us overnight and when we woke up the power was out. It was funny, because, that morning we were talking about how long the power would be of. Most in the family thought it would come back on by around dinner time. I was the extremist and said the power would probably be back on by the next morning. Little did we know at that time, that there were hundreds of thousands of people in the GTA without power and it would take Toronto Hydro days (and in some cases it took weeks) to restore power to all the customers.

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Even though the ice storm brought a lot of damage, it did look beautiful. The ice on the trees was very picturesque and I made sure that I took plenty of photos. As the first days without power continued, I began to think about how I would prepare dinner for the family. I then thought of the charcoal grill that Rösle had sent me and knew that this would be the perfect opportunity to test it out. Charcoal grills are great because they do not require any power (which was good for me during these days, since I had none!), and they produce amazing results.

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The grill was protected with the weather guard cover. Even though there was lots of ice all over, I knew that the grill dome was protected and ready to go at a moments notice.

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The grill is 24 inches in diameter, which is larger than many of the other charcoal grills out on the market. This provides plenty of surface area for grilling lots of food. The dome is coated with black enamel and the lid has a high dome which gives lots of room for grilling roasts and even a turkey.

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The lid has a vent which is needed to provide air flow in the grill keeping the fire nice and hot. Closing the vent will snuff out the fire in the grill. For indirect cooking, the meat needs to go below the vent because the smoke moves from the coals, to the vent and out. Having the vent at the top center part of the lid means that for indirect cooking, the food needs to be in the middle of the grill. This is not a problem as the Rosle grill comes with side trays to hold hot coals that is perfect for indirect cooking.

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The lid is on a hinge that opens to a 90 degree angle.

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Underneath the grill dome is the lower vent. There are four settings for this vent: Closed, High, Medium and Low. This is used to adjust the heat and temperature in the grill. There is an ash catcher at the bottom, just under the vent, that can be easily removed.

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There is a bar along the outside of the dome that holds hooks for many different grilling accessories, like a cleaning brushturnertongs or leather grilling gloves. The base of the grill has two wheels with rubber treads. These are sturdy and allow the grill to be moved, if needed.

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Charcoal grills have two grates: the charcoal grate and the grill grate. The charcoal grate is the lower grate and it holds the hot coals, while the grill grate is above it, holding the meat or food being cooked. The best way to get the coals fired and hot is to use a charcoal starter. Rösle sent me their charcoal chimney and it worked really well. I rolled up some paper in the bottom and filled the chimney with lump charcoal. I stood the starter on the charcoal grate and lit the paper.

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Heating up charcoal takes longer than a gas grill, but a good chimney speeds it up considerably.

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Once the charcoal at the top of the chimney is fired up and hot, it is ready to be dumped onto the charcoal grate.

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The charcoal can be arranged on the grate differently depending on whether it will be used for direct or indirect grilling. For direct grilling, spread the hot charcoal across the middle of the grate. For indirect grilling, push the coals to the sides. It is also possible to dump the coals into a charcoal basket and set to the side of the grate for indirect grilling. This is great for BBQing ribs, poultry, making pulled pork and more.

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Once the hot coals are arranged on the charcoal grate, the stainless steel grill grate can be put in place. There are two handles that allow for easy transfer of the grate. Also, the grate lifts up on  the sides so that extra charcoal can be added. This is definitely necessary for those long, low and slow BBQ sessions.

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Close the lid and wait for the grill to get up to temperature. There is a thermometer dial on the dome lid.

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Even though we had a major ice storm and had no power, we were still able to eat very well! I had bought some nice thick striploin steaks the day before the ice storm hit and they were in the fridge. Needing to be cooked right away, the Rösle charcoal grill was the perfect way to cook these steaks. I marinated them for a couple hours with olive oil, minced garlic, salt, pepper and oregano. Once the grill got nice and hot, I placed the steaks on the grill. They gave a nice loud sizzle!

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After a few minutes I rotated the steaks and then flipped them and cooked them to a perfect medium rare. They were delicious and even though we were without power, it was nice to sit around the table and have a nice meal.

The Rösle Charcoal Grill is really well built. Everything including the enamel coated grill dome, the frame with the wheels, all the accessories and more are of really high quality. It is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a charcoal grill

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Disclaimer: Rösle provided me with the grill. They did not pay me for this product review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.

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