ThermoWorks Thermapen Product Review

I have gone through many thermometers over the years. From meat to candy thermometers and dial (analog) to digital thermometers, I usually bought cheap kinds that are available at grocery stores or department stores. Rarely was I ever pleased with the cheap models. They were slow to read the temperature, not all that accurate and broke fairly quickly. I have seen more expensive thermometers online and often wondered if they were worth the price.

ThermoWorks makes the Thermapen, often regarded by many chefs, as one of the top thermometers on the market. This thermometer is fairly pricey, usually a little under $100, but it is worth every penny.

ThermoWorks Thermaen Product Review-4

The Thermapen is extremely simple in its design. There are no buttons for on/off or other features. Just swing the probe out and the Thermapen turns on, immediately reading the temperature. It is possible to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius by flipping a switch hidden in the battery housing.

The Thermapen comes with a Certificate of Calibration. This gaurantees that the thermometer will read accurately.

Wanting to test the speed and accuracey of the Thermapen, I made a video. I had some boiling water and a bowl of ice cubes. Moving the Thermapen back and forth, I was able to see that it read the temperatures very quickly. It rose to the boiling point reading it at 211F very fast. Then it lowered to the freezing point of 32F quickly as well. The Thermapen is quick and accurate!

ThermoWorks Thermaen Product Review

The Thermapen is an instant read thermometer. It does not have a long probe allowing you to monitor a roast while in the oven. Instead, this is a thermometer that you poke into the meat or food for a quick read of the temperature. The probe is very thin and leaves just a tiny mark in the meat. I quite like that, as I have other thermometers where the probe is fat and leaves a big hole in the meat. The other day I was smoking some sausages, as seen above. The Thermapen allowed me to check the internal temperature of the meat so that I knew when they were fully cooked.

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I was also testing a new coffee maker and the Thermapen worked very well at giving me an instant read. It is simple to operate and very durable. There is not much that can break on this thermometer.


There are some products that are not worth their high price, but the Thermapen is totally worth it and I would not be without mine. I love having it in the pocket of my apron ready any time I need it. I love it for grilling and smoking, but it is also great in the kitchen. It is ideal for those times when you want that quick read of the temperature. Deep frying some chicken? The Thermapen can check if it is fully cooked. Have a beef roast in the oven? The Thermapen can ensure it does not overcook.

Buy the thermometer here – Thermapen

Disclaimer: ThermoWorks provided me with the Thermapen. They did not pay me for this product review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.

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