Valentines Day Baking Ideas

If you are looking to make your sweetheart a special treat for Valentines Day, then any of these baking kits would work out really well. Now, if you do not happen to have that special someone then the cookie cutters at the end of this post may be exactly what you are looking for!


Cupcake Kit

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The Cupcake Kit allows you to Make a delicious variety of red velvet, carrot, spice, and more! Mastrad shows you how to make perfect cupcakes, through recipes and useful tips included in the enclosed colorful booklet.


Macaron Kit

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The macaron craze is very much alive and trending upwards. This elegant little kit, at an affordable price, allows you to make these popular treats like a professional.
Macarons, with their soft crunchy “melt-in-your-mouth” shells and creamy centers, are a universal crowd pleaser. Mastrad shows you how to make perfect Macarons, through recipes and useful tips included in the enclosed colorful booklet. Experience a mouthful of heaven with these elegant, light French pastries. A must have for all foodies!


J.K. Adams Lovely Rolling Pin Gadget Spotlight

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Baking just got easier! Our Lovely Baking Pin series was developed by professional bakers Bob and Gina Hartwig from Lovely: A Bake Shop in Chicago. The innovative design insures that your dough is rolled to the perfect thickness every time. Our two professional 24” pins deliver a dough thickness of 1/8” or 1/4”, while our 18” pin provides a thickness of 1/4″.


Dough Press Set

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Make hand pies, dumplings, empanadas and more with Progressive International’s dough press set. The once labor-intensive process has been reduced to four simple steps: cut, fill, fold and press to seal.

  • Set of 3 dough presses
  • Approximate diameters are 4”, 5” and 6”
  • Decorative crimped edge design
  • Dough cutter on back of press cuts dough to perfectly fit press
  • Also great for ravioli, calzones, piroshkies, pirogis and pastries


Crafty Cookie Kit

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Decorating cookies just got more fun with Progressive International’s Crafty Cookie Kit. With two tool bodies and six switchable patterned heads, this kit is perfect for multiple bakers and makes for unlimited design possibilities.

  • Interchangeable stamp and roller heads for a total of nine fun shapes.
  • 3 double-sided stamps: heart, petal, flower, star, lines, triangle.
  • 3 patterned rollers: wavy, ziz-zag and circle.
  • Uniquely shaped tool bodies are comfortable for hands of all sizes.
  • Two tool bodies let two bakers decorate at the same time.
  • Tool heads snap onto tool body for storage.
  • Includes sugar cookie recipe.
  • Also works great with pastry, pie and play dough.


 The Perfect Man Cookie Cutter

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Talisman Designs’ Bake the Perfect Man Retro Cookie Cutter is the perfect solution to your man problems – he will never disappoint! He’s a great listener and he always agrees with you. Your man can’t read your mind? This one can! Just roll out the dough and get to baking, then feast your eyes on your Perfect Man. Bake the perfect family with Talisman Designs’ perfect man, super woman, kids, dog and cat cookie cutters. Features functional and adorable packaging.


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  • These are all so fun to play with… love all the things my kids and can make. 🙂

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