Pressure Cooker Steel Cut Oats and Red River Cereal

For the longest time I stayed away from pressure cookers, partly due to a pure lack of knowledge. I knew that many people regularly used pressure cookers and found them an essential tool in the kitchen. I was content to ignore this contraption, that I knew nothing about, and that some said was dangerous.

Well, fast forward to today, and you will discover that not only do I own a pressure cooker, but I use it ALL THE TIME. I can completely understand why some people say that these appliances are indispensable.

Pressure cookers can make the cooking process simpler and quicker. One of the meals that usually does not need to be sped up is breakfast, namely oatmeal. But, since using my electric pressure cooker, I have discovered that using it to cook steel cut oats is very convenient.

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In this recipe, I have used half steel cut oats and half red river cereal. You can cook them in the pressure cooker while you are in the shower or doing other things to get ready in the morning. There is no need to stand over the pot stirring, the pressure cooker takes care of everything.

I love warm breakfast in the morning and oatmeal is often my dish of choice. I remember going to summer camp and having porridge mixed with red river cereal. I loved it then and have had it ever since. The pressure cooker makes this super easy.

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I use an electric pressure cooker, so this is truly a ‘set it and forget it’ recipe. I use a little bit of butter or margarine in the recipe to reduce foaming.

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Ten minutes on high pressure is plenty of time to cook the cereal. I used the Fagor Multi-Cooker which has pressure cooker functionality. It works great for dishes like this.

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Once pressure cooker has finished cooking, I like to let the pressure release naturally for 15-20 minutes. After that, I release it manually and the cereal is perfectly cooked and ready for whatever topping you choose!

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Pressure Cooker Steel Cut Oats and Red River Cereal

Make oatmeal in the pressure cooker. This recipe uses steel cut oats along with red river cereal to make a tasty and healthy breakfast very quickly.
Course Breakfast
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 4 people
Author Steve Cylka


  • 1/2 cup steel cut oats
  • 1/2 cup red river cereal
  • 4 cups water
  • 1 tsp butter or margarine


  • Place all the ingredients into a pressure cooker.
  • Select High pressure and set for a 10 minute cook time.
  • The pressure cooker will come up to pressure (5-10 minutes), and then cook for 10 minutes.
  • Once the 10 minute cook cycle is finished. Let the pressure cooker release the pressure naturally for 15-20 minutes. After that, release any remaining pressure.
  • Stir the oatmeal and serve with any of the following toppings: fruit, nuts, granola, milk, maple syrup, brow sugar and more.

About Steve Cylka

Steve is the author of The Black Peppercorn. He is a recipe developer and food photographer. His recipes have been featured on websites like Bradley Smoker, Times Picayune, Buzzfeed, and Basil & Salt. He has also authored and co-authored a couple cookbooks.


  1. Looks great, I have a stove top pressure cooker and I was wondering if this would work. I will definitely be trying it.

  2. I know I’m old to this post but I love cooking my steel oats in the pressure cooker! I no longer have to wait by the stovetop or let is sit overnight to cook. I am in the process of following your red beans and rice recipe and I’ll post my review on it tomorrow. Please post more recipes on pressure cooking!

  3. Just unpacked my new electric pressure cooker and I think this will be the first thing I try!
    Love your website! So much great detailed information and delicious sounding/looking recipes that I will be trying very soon.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. I tried your recipe with my “Power Cooker” pressure cooker but by mistake added double the amount of both the steel cut oats and Red River cereal. Fortunately the oatmeal came out just the way I like it, nice and thick and cook through. I had been making a similar mix with a small slow cooker where you plug it in at night on low and wake up to hot oatmeal. The only issue I had was that you wasted about a cup of the oatmeal in the hard crust stuck along the edges of the cooker and a quarter inch skim on the top. I could be that my slow cooker was too hot even on the low setting or it cooked too long.
    I was thinking of setting my slow cooker on a timer at night but then went looking for a pressure cooker recipe and the rest is history…..


  5. I experimented with the recipe by using 1 cup of steel cut oats, 1 cup red river cereal, 5 cups of water, some salt and cinamon and cooked in my Power Cooker for 10 minutes on high. The result is a creamier oatmeal. To eat I heat up a bowl of it with almost enough milk to cover the oatmeal in the microwave, then add brown sugar. Tastes great to me.

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