Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review

**Update – Read my review of the 2nd generation of the Nespresso Vertuoline machine here: Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo Product Review

Single serve coffee machines have grown significantly over the past few years. I have used many different models from various companies and one of the big benefits from single serve machines is that they are convenient and easy to use. The problem, is that I have rarely found a single serve machine which is able to make a cup of coffee that rivals anything that can be purchased at a quality coffee shop. Amazon, for many years, has produced machines for making espresso and the espresso that comes out of these machines is GOOD! Extremely popular in Europe, they have had more of a niche market here in Canada and the United States.

Recently Nespresso has released a new machine called the Amazon. Clearly this machine is a way to compete with the likes of Keurig and Tassimo, the VertuoLine brews both espresso and coffee. I was quite excited to try this new machine. If the VertuoLine can brew coffee as well as Nespresso has typically made espresso, I may have a new faith in single serve coffee machines.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-5

The Grand Cru capsules look quite different than the OriginalLine Nespresso capsules. This, more than anything, is due to the centrifusion technology in the VertuoLine machine. Where the OriginalLine Nesspresso machines use 19 bar pressure to extract the coffee, the VertuoLine centrifusion technology spins the capsule to extract the coffee flavour. It is a unique method, but works very well.

There are 12 different capsules to choose from and the machine comes with a sampler pack, with one of each variety. This allows you to try each one to see what you like. Of the 12 capsules, 8 are for brewing a cup of coffee and 4 will make espresso.

Breaking down the 8 coffee capsules there are 4 that offer a range of intensity, from mild to bold. Two of the capsules are flavoured roasts: vanilla and hazelnut. There is also a decaffeinated capsule and even a half-caf option.

The 4 espresso capsules also provide a range of intensity and include a decaffeinated option as well.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-2

The coffee and espresso capsules look quite different from each other. The capsule for brewing coffee is much taller, while the espresso capsule is smaller. This makes sense as the coffee capsule would obviously need more coffee grounds.

The volume of the espresso is 40ml or 1.4 oz and the volume of the coffee is 230ml or 7.77 oz.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-3

The Nespresso VertuoLine borrows some of the innovation found with Tassimo machines in that there is now a bar code on each VertuoLine capsule. They are seen on the outside lip of the capsule.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-6

The top of the machine lifts up to reveal the spot for the coffee or espresso capsule to be placed.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-21

There is a removable water reservoir on the side of the VertuoLine that holds 1.2 litres of water. That is plenty for multiple coffees and espressos. It is simple to remove and put back in place.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-7

The centrifusion technology uses a unique approach to both making coffee and espresso. Once the capsule is in place, there are a number of clamps that grab hold of the capsule. They look like claws and can be seen in the picture above. They hold onto the capsule and spin it fast. And when I say fast I mean really FAST – 7000 RPMs! This happens while the hot water shoots into the capsule. The result is a rich coffee and the wonderful crema.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-10

Operating the machine is very simple and quite like any single serve coffee machine. Select the capsule of choice and place it into the holding base.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-9

Close the lid and then move the lever to the left into the lock position.

The Nespresso VertuoLine takes about 10 seconds to preheat before it is ready to make either a coffee or espresso. It heats up quite quickly and faster than most of the other single serve brewers that I have tried. There is a button on the top of the machine and if the coffee icon in blinking, it means that the water is still heating up. Once it is constantly illuminated, the machine is ready to go.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-14

Simply press the button and the VertuoLine will start to brew. Since there is the barcode on the capsule, the machine knows whether it is to make a full cup of coffee, or a small espresso.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-13

The coffee that comes out of the Nespresso VertuoLine is different in both look and taste compared to other single brew coffee machines. There is a nice crema that is developed and rests on top of the coffee. In many ways it looks closer to a coffee version of an espresso. The VertuoLine is louder than other single serve brewers and the OriginalLine Nespresso machine. This is likely due to the centrifusion technology and the spinning of the capsule. Now it is not as loud as a blender, but it is louder than most coffee machines. The volume picks up a little bit more at the end of the brew cycle and it seems that the spinning goes even faster. The brew cycle is quick and lasts about 15-20 seconds.

Nespresso Vertuoline

During the brewing, I checked the temperature of the coffee as it came out of the machine and it registered at 165F.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-15

The coffee looked good, but I was more excited about the taste. One of my favorite drinks at Starbucks is an Americano, which is an espresso with added hot water. I really like the taste of espresso and I find that an Americano matches that taste better than a traditional brewed pot of coffee.

Taking a sip of the coffee that came out of the VertuoLine, it reminded me of the taste and texture of an Americano. The coffee was smooth, with very little bitterness. On top of the coffee is the layer of crema which brings this cup of coffee to a whole new stratosphere. This machine is obviously made to compete with other single serve brewers like Keurig and Tassimo. I have never tasted a cup of coffee from either of those machines that was anywhere close to the coffee that the VertuoLine can make. On top of the actual brewing method, it is obvious that Nespresso uses high end coffee in their capsules.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-18

Once the machine has finished brewing, it is ready to make another! Simply, move the lever to the right to unlock the lid. As the lid lifts up, the capsule automatically slides back and gets dumped into the disposal bin on the right side of the machine.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-22

I love the automatic disposal feature and the bin on the side holds 12 or more capsules (depending on whether they are the smaller espresso or larger sized coffee capsules). In the picture above, you can see all the little holes from where the claws have held the capsule, while spinning it.

Some people are concerned with the waste that is accumulated from single serve coffee brewers. While they are easy to use and very convenient, they do create far more waste than a traditional brewer. Nespresso has taken steps to address the waste from the machines and they will accept used capsules at their boutique bars and other recycling depots.  I love this, as it is a great way for them to handle this valid concern.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-16

After the coffee was done, I wanted to test out and see how the machine makes espresso. There is an adjustable base that can be lifted and locked in a higher spot, perfect for a small espresso cup.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-19

Unfortunately, I do not have a glass espresso cup to see the layering of espresso with the crema. As the espresso came out of the machine, it was rich with a wonderful caramel colour. The espresso did not come out as quickly as the coffee, but as it poured into the cup, there was a wonderful aroma of freshly brewed espresso.

Nespresso VertuoLine Product Review-20

The taste of the espresso was incredible. It actually tastes pretty much the very same as the OriginalLine Nespresso machines. That is great news for previous Nespresso owners, as they can be confident knowing that this new machine produces the same high quality espresso. The Nespresso VertuoLine has really impressed me and I truly hope it catches on. Since it is a brand new technology for Nespresso, they are likely waiting to see the popularity of this model before they introduce new roasts and maybe even other machines using the centrifusion brewing method.

While I love espresso straight up and my coffee black, my wife prefers lattes and coffee with cream and sugar. Nespresso also sells a product called the Aeroccino Plus. This machine can quickly heat and froth milk which is perfect for making cappuccinos and lattes. It is possible to purchase the VertuoLine along with the Aeroccino Plus for a discounted bundle price.

While I love the Nespresso VertuoLine, one of the issues about the machine has to do with the capsules. They are only available through Nespresso, so they need to be purchased through their online store or at one of Nespresso’s boutique bars. Since I live 10 minutes from a boutique bar, it is not a concern for me, but people who live further away are forced to use the online store. That is not a big problem for people comfortable purchasing products online and the website is easy to use and the prices are the same as in the store. The prices of the capsules are $0.75 per espresso capsule and $0.95 per coffee capsule. While the prices are higher than other single  serve coffee brewers, the quality is far superior. To put it in comparison, I would rather go to Starbucks for a coffee, than a Coffee Time or Country Style, or even Tim Hortons. In the same way, I would far prefer a cup of Nespresso than one from another single serve brand.

If you like both espresso and quality coffee, the Nespresso VertuoLine is a great choice. It has taken up prime real estate on my kitchen counter now and gets used every single day.

Purchase this machine at Amazon.

Disclaimer: Nespresso provided me with the VertuoLine. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.


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  • Hey, Very nice review !
    I am addicted to Nespresso but I would love to try this out now 🙂

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    • The Vertuoline is a BUST

      THE crema was a sell on a ccommercial. It is nothing but cotton like foam like from soap suds. We dumped ours and will go back to the Citiz. Even retail nespresso stores in san Francisco and ny all agreed.

      Dont buy!

      • Bull. That is total bull. I own one and it is spectacular!

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  • This looks like an amazing coffee machine. I have a Keurig and I vacillate between “I love this” and “ehhh, could be better”. I love how this makes different types of coffee beverages. Unfortunately, until I win the lottery, it’s a no go lol, but I will still drool over yours here 🙂

    • Of course your baristas in SF would “agree”, for as the kids would say; “no duh”. And although it is true that one cannot dispute (personal) taste, it also allows for differences of (personal) opinion. What might be “soap foam” for you is tasty foam for me. I have long since paid off many times over, the purchase of my Nespresso machines from not having to waste my money on overpriced, and, in my personal opinion, not any better tasting barista brews. And think of all the time I’ve saved not waiting in line….

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  • Very surprised you got the temperature you did. I’ve had a big problem with it being just lukewarm. My first machine would come in at about 126 degrees on the first cup. The second a bit better but still only 135 degrees. After getting a replacement from Nespresso (they were easy to deal with) it was even WORSE. 121 degrees for the first cup. Compared to my tassimo which is 161 degrees. I love the taste of the Vertuoline but if you were getting 165 degrees for the coffee there’s clearly some major manufacturing issue between machines.

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    • Wow – yes, that is quite the difference in temperature from the 165F that I get. I actually just made another cup this morning and checked the temperature and it was 165F again. This was from the first cup as well. I took a photo and included that in the post so people could see the temperature I get. Your 121 is really low and I cannot blame you for being disappointed.

      • Thanks for the reply Steve. Yeah, I’m bummed because the coffee tastes really good but it seems like there’s some kind of manufacturing issues. I took pics as well to show Nespresso and they seemed like I’m not the first to have this issue. I just wish I knew how to get my hands on one that actually brewed at 160 degrees without just buying and returning again.

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        • I’m in the same situation – got this machine as a gift for my wife, she loves the rich flavor of the coffee but it’s too cold! Did you find any solution?

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        • Mine is constantly tepid. Every. single. cup. I have to blast it in the microwave. When I saw the 165 temp I was shocked!

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          • I was having lower than wanted temperatures from my Vertuoline. However, after I put it through a “cleaning cycle” the temperature is now acceptable to me.

    • It can depend on the type of thermometer you use and where you take the reading. If you use a high quality instant read thermometer and sense the coffee right at the outlet, you should get the highest reading.

      I was also thinking that the centrifusion technology probably cools the coffee as it exits the pod. This is ok as the extraction will have already happened.

      Anyway, higher or lower temp, the result is very good.

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    • The coffee is good, but just okay with temperature if I use a travel mug. The espresso is a total disappointment at 130. This is my second machine and it stinks also.

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  • Great review, very comprehensive. We were thinking about the Nespresso, and when this one came out, we wanted to know what the difference was and if this would be a better machine to purchase.

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  • Got a Cuisinart for the improved build quality as the original keurig brewer failed in less than a year. Now this one has also failed! I’m the only user in the office and get about 3-4 cups/day! Not cost effective to repair. Time to move on to one of these units.

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  • Great review! 🙂

  • Hi Steve. I really wanted this coffee maker to work and eliminate some of my counter clutter.. After going back and forth with Nespresso support on the phone I am returning the VertuoLine due to luke warm coffee. I am also lucky to have one of their demo stores close by to discuss how to use the machine. They have no solution other than running an empty cartridge to try and get the machine warmer or leaving it on for an extended period of time before brewing. The whole point of single serve machines is quick cup of hot coffee and this machine can’t do it. I am keeping my CitiZ for expresso which is still fantastic, but the VertuoLine is going back to Macy’s.

    • Reply
    • really unfortunate that people have been having temperature issues with this machine. My temperature has been higher than what others are reporting, so I have been happy. I use mine multiple times a day. We use it for both coffee and espresso. Hopefully they are able to resolve this issue with future production of the vertuoline.

      • Are you leaving your VertuoLine powered on all day? I don’t leave any of my coffee makers like the Breville K-Cup and CitiZ powered on all day and get hot coffee on demand after plugging them in. I plug them in when I need them so I don’t waste energy. Maybe the timing of the VertuoLine ready light is wrong? It seems to be ready pretty fast after a cold start, but may need more time to get hot. I would be curious how hot your coffee is if you leave it unplugged overnight and make a cup of coffee in the morning right after you plug it in cold and the ready light light comes on.

        • Reply
        • For me, it would not be convenient to unplug any of my kitchen counter appliances. I keep it plugged in all the time, but the ready light is off all day until I open the lid and put the new one in. Then it flashes to show it is heating. I agree, the solid ‘ready’ light is pretty quick. I will try it unplugged overnight and let you know of any difference in the temperature.

          • Steve, did you run this test, and what did you find? I love the coffee but it’s too cold, I’m surprised Nespresso hasn’t fixed the problem even after an year.

      • I bought one after visiting with my mother and using her machine. I am a coffee lover as in no flavors or mochas. I do extra shots in lattes and the stronger the better but you run into issues of bitterness but the vertuline I get the full flavor without the burnt bitter aftertaste. I do leave mine plugged in all of the time so that might help. Having to wait 2 minutes for it to fully heat up is no different than my keurig but again it is always on because i Ike to make a cup through out the day. It’s my special moments and when I have a cup in my hand the kids are to leave me alone, my time. The new intense line of coffee is brilliant.

    • Same. I found this review Googling to see if I could turn up the voltage or something. Undrinkably Tepid.

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  • Great review. Set up my machine yesterday and started by brewing an espresso that seemed lukewarm just a few seconds after letting the machine heat up. So, not really wanting to nuke a beverage just after brewing I was pretty disappointed. Then, I decided to let the machine heat up a little longer and give it a try. Waited 2 minutes after turning it on. This time, and each subsequent time, the coffee and espresso is piping hot. This meets my expectation and I’m happy. I can wait a couple of minutes. No problem. Also, the coffee is awesome. We may give the Keurig away!!

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  • You must have received a free triple checked Nespresso Critics only vertuoline machine. Mine would not go higher than 147 degrees. No matter what I did. I am hoping door a second generation with improved performance and more heat. Finally the Crema is not as creamy as the Citiz. CITIZ LIVE FOREVEr!!!

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  • Reluctantly my VertuoLine went back to Macy’s for a refund after a long phone call to Nespresso. Nespresso customer support was less than helpful about the luke warm coffee. It was as if they did not care. You would think they would try to help a customer who was about to return this new product for a refund.

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    • Yes Keith I had a similar situation ..I called about the low Temp of coffee ..they did not seemed concerned or helpful..My guess is that its a real problem for them and they are trying to keep it quite

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  • Hello! This is my first comment here so I just wanted to
    give a quick shout out and say I genuinely enjoy reading your
    posts. Can you sugges any other blogs/websites/forums that go over the same subjects?
    Appreciate it!

  • Its simply dosnt make coffee hot enough, and not having a feature to set it to your personal taste is a major flaw. Im find of stuck now on what to do. I may end up dropping nesspresso over this because im certainly not open to wasting my time boxing this up and sending it back to hopefully get one that “might” be better.

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    • I’m reading this review only now in January after having issues with a brand new Vertuoline i bought for my wife (and myself) at Christmas. We too were extremely disappointed with the cool temps coming out of our machine and yesterday returned it to the Williams Sonoma store we bought it from.

      I didn’t have a temperature gauge, but our Nesspresso was definitely significantly cooler than our old Keurig. And while I believe the Nesspresso had a way better flavour coffee we couldn’t deal with the lukewarm coffee temps. We tried warming our mugs in hot water before brewing, tried the empty capsules before brewing our real cup, but nothing worked.

      Williams Sonoma was very easy to deal with as we were within our 30 day purchase.

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  • Hi Steve. I just wonder if,after all this time since you have the vetuoline the machine is still making the same quality coffee at the right temperature. I just ordered one from Macy’s and is on the way.hope I’m not making a mistake after seen so many people complaining with the temperature.let me know.thank u. Juan.

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  • I am trying to keep the faith here that my coffee will eventually come out hot. I did call and went back to the store to discuss. I do ask if anyone else has this issue and they never say yes. They do say that everyone has a different idea of what hot is.
    I still kept it even though I lugged it back to the store to return in. I did a taste test in the store and it was piping hot. I just now made coffee even after running it through hot and I will not need to microwave it just to make it hot a bit.
    Not sure how long to go before it decides to become hot. I hope someone replies to say it started off as luke warm but eventually got hot. anyone?

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  • Very thorough review — I agree on most of your points. However, you should do readers a service by replacing all references to “hot water” to “warm, bath-like water.” This machine does NOT produce hot water. I can guzzle coffee right out of the machine. Terrible R&D.

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  • We received our machine as a Christmas gift and, after using it for 4 months, like others have been disappointed by the temperature of the coffee. Have not found the company help desk very helpful at all.

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  • Get a cup water,heater to have very hot

    • Reply
  • cold espresso

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  • I purchased the Vertuoline two weeks ago and havent taken it out of the box yet. I cannot decide
    to keep it or not. The capsules are double the price for Keurig k cups….Keep or not to keep ?!?!?!!?

  • Unfortunately I have to agree with some of the comments – the coffee is just not warm enough (forget hot). Bathwater is a good description. And I have read all the suggestions – warm up cup etc (have done this) but I should not have to jump through hoops to get a good hot coffee out of a machine. But even warming cup with boiling water does not give me a hot coffee out of the machine. Very disappointed – pure waste of money!

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  • nice review! I just opened mine for the first time this morning! I absolutely love it!

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  • Anyone try their new Evoluo version of the Vertuoline? Key upgrade is supposed to be much hotter?

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  • Solid review. The pics are a nice touch.
    Just bought the Vertuoline this past weekend at a Nespresso boutique store in Toronto. I like the ability to make both coffee and espresso with one machine. I measured the temp of my coffee this morning with my Thermopen thermometer (the best) like you did, and it was 159 F. Not bad but I would not call that hot. That was the first cup, no warming up ‘work around’ of any kind. I prefer it much hotter, but my wife likes to be able to drink it right away vs. waiting 5 minutes before taking a sip. Guess who wins that one?
    If you add cold milk, it will be lukewarm at best. I like the flavor and the foamy crema on the coffee but on the espresso, it is not really crema but more of a foam due to the different technology (centrifugal force vs. pressure). I’m no expert but many reviews I read mentioned the espresso was bitter vs. a ‘traditional’ espresso. Tasted fine to me. I will use the machine mainly to make coffee and lattes using the Aeroccino milk foamer which is pretty awesome and a must buy accessory IMO.
    All a matter of preference, but if you like your coffee hot, i.e. 175-180F, this machine will disappoint you.
    I was told by the sales person that the new Evoluo model brews a hotter coffee but the official press release does not mention that, and you can understand why. They had them there so I may go back and test drive it. I will update this if/when I do.

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  • This review was so thorough! I have been looking for a single serve machine for a while now and have always been in love with the nespresso machines. After looking into all the various ones I have looked at the past few days, I decided on the Vertuoline but was hesitant to buy because I read other places that the coffee tastes “bitter” and “watery”; your review has totally changed my mind and answered all of my questions, including the information about the aerrocino plus (which I would get because I too like lattes). I am purchasing mine today!

    • Reply
    • I am a coffee snob so when I discovered Nespresso, I became addicted. The flavour of the coffee is so delicious. But I am quite disappointed in the temperature of the coffee. My friend and sister each have one (after my recommendation) and theirs is the same — luke warm. That’s a pretty big disappointment for such great tasting coffee. Not sure what to do.

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      • I would agree. My Originaline coffee comes out HOT. But my Vertuoline coffee comes out WARM

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      • I took my machine back. But you could heat your coffee in the microwave for 30 sec. There is a programming way to get it a little hotter but it still wasn’t hot enough.

        • Reply
        • Just had my Evoluo Titan Deluxe up and running for about a week. Measured temperature with my instant read thermometer: 162 deg. at the output. Important not to have too cold a cup. Morning room temp (cup temp) in my house is 65 deg. Water in reservoir is also then about that temp. Part of the problem is that when the 162 deg. coffee hits the 65 deg. cup, and also if you add cold cream like we do, that final temp of the liquid in the cup is nowhere near 162. We just heat it a few seconds in the microwave.

          • Reply
          • Try heating up the cup a bit before filling and putting warmer water in the reservoir. That might result in hotter output at the spigot.

  • My machine is a constant 144 every cup. I contacted Nespresso and they said each pod has a different temp for each brew. Well that is not true as every cup is 144
    I just bout the Evolou machine. It brews at 155 every cup. Same capsule. So Nespresso first said the coffee is best at the temp on my first machine and that is determined by the barcode
    But the same barcode and pod in my new machine is hotter. Makes no sense. But I bought the first Jen machine for full retail. Close to $300
    And I have a new machine that makes coffee 10 d hotter for anothe r $300. Not impressed

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  • I wish I read these reviews before I bought one at Costco and spent $190 on coffee purchased from nespresso. I tried everything to get a hot cup of coffee but no go. I will be returning mine because hot coffee is important to me. I’m not sure what to do with the coffe I bought though

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  • We bought our Nespresso VertuoLine Evoluo machine on December 20, 2015. i was satisfied with the lattes and cappuccinos it made. However after having to send the machine off to Repairs 2 times in 7 months we were disappointed. They did supply us with a substitute machine however still the packing and mailing repeatedly was an inconvenience. It was under warranty so there was no charge for repairs. Yesterday morning again the machine broke down. After speaking with a Nespresso representative, I find this time as the warranty had expired it would cost me $125.00 for the repair plus the shipping cost to Repairs in Quebec. I was asked whether I would like to buy a new Nespresso machine rather than pay for repairs on my year and half year old machine – no thank you. We erred greatly when deciding to invest in this machine.

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  • This review was helpful. I agree on the great taste of the coffee although I also don’t find the coffee hot enough. I bought my Vertuoline machine from Costco about 4 months ago and didn’t expect that it would suddenly stop working. The light blinked repeatedly when I turned the machine on. The booklet that came with the machine said the blinking lights indicated that it needed “de-scaling.” I called Nespresso and ordered the de-scaling fluid. Got it quickly — two days later, but couldn’t get the de-scaling process to start. So I called Nespresso and spoke with very helpful person. After almost 2 hrs on the phone with her, trying different things, the machine still wouldn’t run the de-scaling process. I’m wondering if my re-using the capsules (using MyCap vPACK from Amazon) are somehow to blame for messing up the machine even though the re-cycled capsules have worked brilliantly. My machine doesn’t work at all at this point. If anyone has had experience with the de-scaling process, I would appreciate hearing your experience with it. The Nespresso woman I spoke with offered to repair and/or replace it (and send a replacement in the interim) but if it’s the re-used capsules that could be causing this, then I will just return it while it’s under warranty.

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  • I have the Vertuoline and it does make great coffee but if it is not used within a weeks time…the water doe not come out… mine is just about a year old & the water does not come out.

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