iDevices Kitchen Thermometer Product Review

I love gadgets and foodie gadgets are the best kind! A while back I received an iGrill digital thermometer. It is a great little thermometer from iDevices, and I use it regularly to monitor my smokes. Recently, I was sent another digital thermometer by iDevices. This one is called the Kitchen Thermometer. It is more advanced, sporting a few more features, one being that it has two probes and can monitor 2 pieces of meat at a time. Like really, how awesome is this!? With one device, you can monitor two roasts in the oven, or two whole chickens. Another option is, if you are roasting a turkey for thanksgiving, it is possible to monitor the temperature of the breast and the dark meat on the thigh at the same time.

Since I do lots of smoking and grilling, monitoring multiple pieces of meat is very handy. My smoker has 4 racks and the temperature is not always the same from top to bottom, so depending on the rack, the meat may cook at different times. Using the Kitchen Thermometer is perfect for keeping track of the temperature in more than one place, making sure that everything is cooking perfectly.

idevices kitchen thermometer

To test out the Kitchen Thermometer, I smoked some boneless skinless turkey breasts. One I wrapped in bacon and the other I just rubbed down with a spice mixture. I stuck a probe in each.

Features (as found on the iDevices website):

  • Temperature range is -22°F to 572°F
  • Wireless through Bluetooth with a 150 foot range
  • iDevices Connected app is available for free on the iTunes App Store (Android app is coming soon!). Compatible with iPod touch® 5th gen and later, iPhone® 4S and later, iPad mini™ and later, iPad® 3rd gen and later. Requires iOS 7
  • uses 2 AA batteries
  • LED that changes color as the meat approaches preset temperature
  • 2 – 48” probe cords
  • Magnetic mounting

idevices kitchen thermometer-2

I loaded up the iDevices app and pressed the  power button on the Kitchen Thermometer. Automatically, they find each other and within seconds, the app shows the temperature of the meat.  If you look on the screen above, you will see on the iPhone app, it says Probe 1 and Probe 2. This app can actually monitor up to 4 temperature probes at once and this can be a combination of different thermometer products available by iDevices. The app is easy to navigate and there is lots of information available on it – far more than any regular digital thermometer can provide. For each probe there is a graph monitoring the change in temperature.

It is possible to set a target temperature for the meat. The iDevices app comes with many preset temperatures for steak (rare, medium, well, etc.), fish, pork, chicken and more. It is also possible to make custom temperature settings. I quite like this because, say for turkey, I prefer to set the temperature a few degrees below the recommended temperature. 165F is the recommended temperature for turkey, but I usually cook it to 160F and then check on it. That way, I can make sure I get there before it is overcooked and dry. Also, meat usually rises a few more degrees just after it comes off the grill or smoker. Since the app can monitor multiple temperature probes, it is possible to set unique temperature settings for each probe.

idevices kitchen thermometer-3

The Kitchen Thermometer is magnetic, so, it is possible to stick it on the side of a grill, smoker or stove.

idevices kitchen thermometer-4

Since my smoker has a vent at the top, I ran the probe down through that opening. This allowed me to know the temperature of the meat while the door was closed. I love that!

idevices kitchen thermometer-5

Not only does the Kitchen Thermometer use the app to monitor temperature, but there is also a digital display on the control panel of the thermometer. Hit the arrow buttons to switch to the probe you want to check and the temperature will be shown on the display.

idevices kitchen thermometer-6

Since the app can monitor up to 4 temperature probes and I also have an iGrill, I wanted to test out how the app worked with more than one device. So, I prepped some boneless skinless chicken breasts for the smoker and stuck the iGrill temperature probe in one. Once I turned on the iGrill, the app immediately found the thermometer and added it to the list. I quite like that not only does the app monitor each probe, but as seen in the picture above, it also designates which ones are from the Kitchen Thermometer and which one is from the iGrill. NICE!

idevices kitchen thermometer-9

Since the chicken breasts are much smaller than the turkey breasts, I added them to the smoker later in the smoke process.

idevices kitchen thermometer-7

After close to two hours in the smoker, the meat was getting close to the target temperature. The app on my iPhone showed that the chicken had done well to catch up to the larger turkey – I timed out when to add the chicken quite well I guess!

The app showed that the turkey breast monitored by probe 2 was at a higher internal temperature. This was the one not wrapped in bacon. Being able to monitor each breast, I was able to remove them each, at different times, if needed.

igrill mini review-12

Once the meat reaches the target temperature, your iPhone/iPad will alert you through an alarm. There are many different sounds that you can choose from. An alert message pops up on the lock screen, as seen in the picture above. 


The Kitchen Thermometer is an excellent product and since I have my iPhone on me all the time, monitoring the thermometer on the app just works. This is perfect for me, as I love being able to monitor multiple cuts of meat at the same time!

Pick up the Kitchen Thermometer on their website.

Disclaimer: iDevices provided me with the Kitchen Thermometer. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.



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  • So this really means you can cook two or more meat at the same time using this thermometer? Well, that’s very amazing. I will definitely try this too.

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