SLOTDOG Product Review

Who says the hot dog cannot handle a little innovation!?!?

Well, I don’t know if anyone actually said that, but after discovering the SLOTDOG I believe that a bit of innovation is a good thing!

Grilling hot dogs are a regular occurrence at our house and at the cottage. While cooking hot dogs is a relatively simple thing, it is not uncommon for them to expand, bulge and even crack/split while grilling. Sometimes people cut small slits in the hot dog to prevent this from happening. An inventor from the Muskoka region of Canada (yeah, this is made from a fellow Canadian!) took this to the next level and created the SLOTDOG. This small hand held device is pressed onto a hot dog to create criss-cross slits on the surface of the dog. This is done to ensure an even cooking, and totally prevents and bulging, splitting or cracking on the hot dog.

slotdog product review

The SLOTDOG is large enough to handle some of the largest hotdogs available. My favorite dogs are the Schneider’s Original Juicy Jumbos. They fit in the SLOTDOG perfectly and it would also work with smaller dogs (like RedHots) and even bigger ones like the quarter pound hotdogs that I sometimes buy at Costco.

The top of the SLOTDOG has a handle/grip for you to hold onto while making the slots on the dogs.

slotdog product review-2

The SLOTDOG has a criss-cross pattern of blades on its’ underside. They are fairly sharp so it is not something that you want kids to be playing around with, unsupervised. That is not to say that kids are unable to use the SLOTDOG, as my kids all helped me prep the hot dogs before the grilling session.

slotdog product review-3

Using the SLOTDOG is very simple. Lay one hot dog on a cutting board and place the SLOTDOG over top. Press down firmly and the blades will cut into the hot dog making the slots. They only go so far into the hot dog so there is no fear of cutting too deep.

slotdog product review-4

Pull the hot dog off the SLOTDOG and lay it, cut side down, and press the SLOTDOG on it again to make another set of cuts.

slotdog product review-5

Looking at the hot dog, you can see that it has a perfect pattern of slices all across it. It looks great, but how does it cook?

slotdog product review-6


The hot dogs did not bulge or crack, but instead they cooked evenly. As they cooked on the grill, the slots opened up and the hot dog was nice and plump.

slotdog product review-7

The SLOTDOG worked very well and it created a juicy hot dog that did not have the cracked or split skin that often happens when grilling a hot dog. On top of that, the slots are perfect for catching and holding the condiments like ketchup or mustard.

This little grilling tool is not some gimmick. It is practical and does improve on the hot dog. I really like the SLOTDOG.

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Disclaimer:  SLOTDOG provided me with the SLOTDOG. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.

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