Mauviel Copper Tri-Ply Roaster with Rack Product Review

I have always wanted to get a nice quality roaster. I have the old style high dome black roaster, that I have used for years. It has served me fine, but I have often thought that I nice rectangular roaster with a removable rack would be a great purchase to make.

Well, Mauviel sent me one of their Copper Roasting Pans. Founded in 1830, Mauviel is a French company established in the Western village of Villedieu−les−Poêles. Mauviel specializes in stainless steel and copper products and has a massive lineup of products. Their products have been used for decades in commercial kitchens and by famous chefs around the world. Known for quality, owning some Mauviel cookware means having it for life. Yes, they are that good!

Copper is used by chefs all around the world because it is known for its excellent heat conductivity. Hot spots rarely happen with copper and the changes in temperature occur almost immediately on the copper surface.

This Mauviel roaster is a bilaminated with the outer shell being made of copper and the inner portion being made from stainless steel. The ratio is 90% copper with 10% steel. Rectangular in shape, the roaster is 15.7 by 11.8 inches which is plenty large enough for any size roast and perfect for a large turkey.

The removable rack is perfect for resting the roast or bird on so that the meat can be raised up and not lie in the pan. This allows the heat to circulate all around the meat. I also love the handles on this roaster as well. They are strong, sturdy and very large, which is perfect for lifting the roaster in and out of the oven. The size of the handles allows you to wear oven mitts when lifting out the hot roaster.

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To test the roasting pan out, I went to Costco and bought a nice top sirloin roast. I seasoned the roast and placed it in the middle of the rack in the roaster. The roast was about 6 pounds and the roaster could handle a larger roast if needed.

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The roast went in the oven and cooked at 450F for 15 minutes. I then lowered the temperature to 325F and cooked the roast to an internal temperature of 135F.

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The roaster works in gas or electric ovens and can even be used on gas, electric of halogen stovetops.

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This roaster is classy and functional. While you may not place the roaster on the table for dinner, it is sharp and stylish enough for a dinner party! I just love the copper look and the handles was well.

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The roast was cooked perfectly and medium rare right through the whole roast. I stuck a few garlic cloves in some slits I made in the roast and they gave the meat a wonderful garlicky flavour.

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I love that the roaster can go on the stovetop as it allows me to deglaze the bottom of the pan to make gravy. The bits sticking on the roaster bottom have the most flavour and I hate not being able to deglaze it. So glad that the Mauviel roaster is just great on the stovetop and I made some amazing gravy in the roaster.

Mauviel Copper Tri-Ply Roaster with Rack Product Review

The stainless steel inside makes cleaning easy. The copper can change colour through use, but the variation of colour does not affect its performance at all. There are special cleaners that can restore the shiny surface of the copper.

I love my Mauviel copper roaster!

You can pick up this pan at Amazon – Mauviel M’Heritage Copper Roasting Pan with Rack, 15.7 Inch

Disclaimer: Mauviel provided me with the roaster. They did not pay me for this product review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.

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