Canadian Cutting Board Product Review

I have never been someone who does a lot of woodworking, although I have made some shelves and other small projects using oak, maple and some other kinds of wood. The little bit that I did do, allowed me to appreciate the time and care that is required to make any hand crafted wood product. I love a good cutting board and far prefer a hand made board over some plastic, composite or other factory made product. There is a small company based in Nova Scotia, Canada, that make quality hand crafted cutting boards.

Canadian Cutting Boards uses Cape Breton maple to create artisan cutting boards that are truly a work of art. Along with maple, other types of wood are used to for accents. The use of cherrywood, oak and walnut for accent strips, borders and even checkerboard patterns really set these boards apart from the standard boards available. I was really impressed with both the quality of the product and the design and pattern of the boards.

Canadian Cutting Boards-2

I was sent the Kate board to review. This board has a cherrywood border and two walnut horizontal accent strips. The dark brown colour of the walnut is the perfect accent next to the lighter tone of the maple wood.

The dimensions of the board are 18″ x 11″ and it is 1 1/8″ thick. The size of the board is perfect for most chopping and slicing tasks. There is plenty of room on the board for chopping and sliding chopped vegetables or meat off to the edge.

The thickness of the board is also really nice, as it is thick enough for the board to feel both solid and sturdy, yet it is thin enough for it not to be overly heavy or bulky.

Canadian Cutting Boards-3

Taking a close look at the board, the craftsmanship becomes apparent. They really know how to select quality wood, design and build a board with care. Every single strip of wood is perfectly cut and they are all joined together with great precision. I rubbed the board down with some mineral oil which really set it off and highlighted the grains in the wood. It looks great on the kitchen counter.

Canadian Cutting Boards-4

I put the board through its paces, chopping vegetables, slicing bread and breaking down a chicken. The board worked very nicely and it was sturdy enough to not slip at all. Even when I performed some rapid chopping, giving the board some greater force, it was still stable. It was perfectly flat on the counter, so there was no rocking or any motion with the board.

The chopping felt comfortable as well. The blade did not catch, nor did it slide as it hit the wood. Some of the tasks I performed were lengthy and the board handled them well.

Canadian Cutting Boards-5

I love a good cutting board and see the value in investing in one with quality wood. This Kate board is great example of the boards available by craftsmen like Canadian Cutting Boards and they even have many other boards to choose from as well. With boards of different dimensions, thickness and accent patterns, there is sure to be one to match any kitchen.

Pick up this board, or others that they make, at their website.

Disclaimer: Canadian Cutting Boards provided me with the cutting board. They did not pay me for this product review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the board.

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