Sous Vide Supreme Giveaway!

I am so very excited about this giveaway! Get right into some modernist cooking with this sous vide water oven by Sous Vide Supreme. Cedarlane Culinary is providing this machine, along with a vacuum sealer and bags. Basically everything you need to get started cooking. If you have never checked out sous vide cooking check out my info section on this new form of cooking – Sous Vide Cooking.

This giveaway is open to Canadian residents only. Sorry to anyone who lives elsewhere. Make sure you use rafflecopter widget below to enter – just follow the instructions on the widget to enter (there are options for more than one entry as well!)

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About Steve Cylka

Steve is the author of The Black Peppercorn. He is a recipe developer and food photographer. His recipes have been featured on websites like Bradley Smoker, Times Picayune, Buzzfeed, and Basil & Salt. He has also authored and co-authored a couple cookbooks.


  1. I would do a Basic Herb Scented Turkey Breast because the holidays are coming and it sounds delish!


  2. I would try beef and some of your recipes…the egg!

  3. Victoria Rutherford

    I would most definiately try beef, getting the perfect doneness is always hit and miss with me.

  4. I would try Eggs Benedict, saw the recipe on Cedarlane Culinary site.

  5. I think I would try a slab of farm raised salmon, I have a Sous Vide book that I haven’t gotten to make any of the recipes from yet!

  6. I would like to try some Pickled Vegetables

  7. I would definitely try beef first … and get really experimental from there. Actually, I’d likely take it to my daughter’s boyfriend chef and say “Hey, Iain, use your imagination… cook us something awesome”… then come back for a fabulous dinner! 🙂

  8. I would make herbed chicken breast.

  9. Iain would LOVE a Sous Vide!!! He cooks sous vide a lot at home by carefully monitoring pots of water. haha. It’s a little more labour intensive that was and he is limited to the proteins that already come vacuum packed from Dad. I think we would try scrambled eggs first, because Iain keeps saying sous vide is the ULTIMATE way to produce the perfect soft scrambled eggs.

  10. I would try Sriracha Butter Chicken 🙂

  11. I’d cook duck breasts

  12. I would try the beef of course!!

  13. I’d cook chicken!

  14. My son is in culinary arts this year. ahe and I would have lots of kitchen bonding time with this in the house!

  15. My wife would shoot me if I bought this item, but it is soooooooooo tempting!!!

  16. Carol M (Lushka S)

    I would try a steak

  17. YUM! Some seasoned cod fish!

  18. I would make herbed chicken breast first Yum Yum =) Thank you for the Chance

  19. I would love to try a few different recipe, but I am think of lamps in fresh veggies!!!!

  20. I would cook steak!

  21. I would try the beef…genius invention

  22. Chicken is what I would do first.

  23. Butter Chicken and scrambled eggs would be the two dish I would try fist. I would love this!

  24. I would try a beef brisque first if I were to win… the options are endless

  25. The first thing I’d try to make with the Sous Vide Supreme would be Pork Belly.

  26. I would cook beef.

  27. I would try steak and onions. I have a Sous Vide book, but no Sous vide.

  28. I’d cook Chicken first

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