Affresh Coffeemaker Cleaner Review and Kitchen Aid Coffeemaker Giveaway

I love coffee. It doesn’t matter the time of day. First thing in the morning, I need a cup of java. Mid day, I also enjoy a warm cup of coffee. Even into the evening, the night is not complete without a cup of joe! I know some people cannot fall asleep at night if they drink a cup of coffee in the evening. I have never had that problem and I can even have an espresso just before bed. I guess I am hooked!!

We have two coffee makers on our kitchen counter and they both get a regular workout. One is a standard thermal carafe coffeemaker. The other is a single serve Nespresso machine.

Coffee machines need to be cleaned, on occasion, as there can be limescale and mineral build up over the course of regular use. Affresh has a coffeemaker cleaner that is super simple to use.

Affresh Coffeemaker Cleaner

The Afresh Coffeemaker Cleaner is a tablet that has citric acid and sodium bisulfate and works to clean up the limescale deposits within the coffeemaker. The box comes with 4 tablets.

Affresh Coffeemaker Cleaner-5

Instead of using vinegar to clean the coffeemaker and getting that wonderful vinegar smell throughout the kitchen, this works r

Affresh Coffeemaker Cleaner-7

Just fill up the reservoir with water and drop in the Afresh tablet. Run the coffeemaker through and empty out the carafe. Then refill the reservoir with water and run the machine through again. That’s it and now the coffeemaker is clean!

Affresh Coffeemaker Cleaner-8

The tablets also work with single serve coffeemakers. This is great considering single serve machines are continuing to grow in popularity.

To clean the single serve coffeemaker, fill up the reservoir with water and drop in a tablet. Run 2 single serve brew cycles. Empty the reservoir and then refill it with water. Run 2 more single serve cycles and that is it!

KitchenAid Coffeemaker for giveaway1

I am excited to announce that Affresh has offered a giveaway to the readers of The Black Peppercorn. The prize includes: KitchenAid® 12-Cup Glass Carafe Coffee Maker and the Affresh Coffeemaker Cleaner

This giveaway is open to Canadian (excluding Quebec) residents only. Sorry to anyone who lives elsewhere. Make sure you use rafflecopter widget below to enter – just follow the instructions on the widget to enter (there are options for more than one entry as well!)

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  1. about once a year but we currently use vinegar and … the smell!

  2. Our coffee maker has a cleaning function, so we clean ours only when it makes us!

  3. Candy Kratzer Wenzel

    Not that often, and we have such hard water also. 🙁

  4. Once every three months.

  5. Maybe twice a year…

  6. I try for a weekly clean, but rarely manage it.

  7. I had no idea these existed! I use this brand all the time for the washer and dishwasher, and love them! I’ve tried other brands for those things too, and they just don’t work as well. I’ll definitely be looking these up!

  8. I clean it once a week or so.

  9. I’m embarassed to say I never do because I don’t know how and I’m worried I’ll wreck it!

  10. I clean my coffee maker each time I use it, but that’s with tossing a little dish soap and water on it…

  11. I wash the pot about once every two weeks or so.

  12. Every couple of months

  13. Renata Lavach-Savy

    I think I’ve only cleaned it once. I just don’t think about it!

  14. I clean ours every couple of months

  15. Usually on saturdays I do.

  16. I use vinegar, but I am sure that is hard on the machine. It works for my kettle, however.

  17. I use Affresh in my washing machine, too, because we have hard water.

  18. About every 4 months.

  19. usually clean about every 3 months

  20. Every few months. Not often enough.

  21. unfortunately not regularly

  22. I clean our coffee maker about once a month. Or two.

  23. Every 3 months

  24. About once every 6 months

  25. one a month 🙂

  26. Every few days.

  27. yikes, never

  28. About every 6-7 months

  29. Carol M (Lushka S)

    Every few months

  30. Never…

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