Nespresso Inissia Product Review

Early in the morning, life is crazy in our house. Getting the kids up and dressed, making lunches and packing backpacks always seem to take longer than planned. I need some java at the start of the day to give me that jumpstart. I have a Nespresso Inissia on my counter and each morning I make an espresso (sometimes even two!). While I do enjoy coffee, I am more of espresso man myself. I love the rich bold taste of a small cup of espresso.

Nespresso has been around for a long time and there are many different espresso machines in their product line. The Inissia is quite possibly their simplest machine with a great price and value. If you want to make espresso without lots of other options or bells and whistles, then the Inissia is a great choice.

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The Nespresso Inissia is all about simplicity. Taking up a small footprint on your kitchen counter, it does not take up much space. Nice and narrow, the machine is only a little bit wider than an espresso cup.

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Lift up the handle and it opens the chamber where the espresso capsules are dropped.

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The espresso capsule fits perfectly in the slot. Once in, lower the handle and the Inissia is ready to make the espresso.

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There are two buttons on the top of the Inissia. One for a single espresso shot and the other for a lungo shot (long shot of espresso). While there are special lungo pods available, any Nespresso pod can work with either button.

While these buttons have preset levels of the amount of water that will run through the espresso, they can also be programmed to make the exact amount of espresso that you would like. Simply keep the button pressed while it is making the espresso. Once it makes the amount that you like, let go. The Inissia will remember and make that amount each time.

This is one of my favourite features of the Inissia!

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Once pressed, the Inissia makes the espresso immediately.

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The espresso is made quite quickly and is finished in a matter of seconds!

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Rich dark espresso with wonderful crema on top. Each Nespresso machine I have used has made some of the best espresso I have ever had and the Inissia is no exception! The taste of the espresso is rich and smooth without any bitterness. In my opinion, this espresso rivals what can be purchased at any coffee or espresso bar, and it can be made in your own home with the push of a button.

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There is a chamber inside the machine that holds used capsules. Lifting up the handle drops the used capsule into the chamber and the machine is ready to have a new one placed in and another espresso made. The chamber holds 6-8 used capsules before it needs to be emptied.

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Nespresso has many different capsules available. Many light and dark roasts are available as well as some flavour options. There are also seasonal and special roasts that can be purchased throughout the year.  I love to keep a bowl of espresso capsules next to the Inissia so that, whatever my mood, there is something for me. You can purchase Nespresso capsules at their boutique bars or order them online.

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If you like both espresso then the Nespresso Inissia is a great choice.

Buy this machine at Amazon here: Nespresso Inissia

Disclaimer: Nespresso provided me with the Inissia. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.

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