Downtown Grill Product Review

Summer is coming to an end. Yes, I know that is a depressing reality, but it is true. It has been a wonderful summer, with lots of grilling on the back deck. With the temperatures dropping, it might seem that the grilling will come to an end. But, it does not have to, and the Downtown Grill is a brand new electric hibachi on the market that allows you to grill indoors all year long.

There are many different indoor grills on the market. I have used lots, and frankly, not that impressed with most. Some of the concerns and criticisms I have had regarding indoor grills include, low heat, non-stick that does not work, non-stick that starts to peel, difficulty cleaning and more. So, when I heard about the Downtown Grill, I did not expect much. But, once I took it out of the box and turned it on, I quickly learned that this indoor grill is a step above most of the others available.

downtown electric hibachi grill

The Downtown Grill is not flashy with lots of buttons, gadgets and features. The grill is a simple construction with few controls. Essentially, there is one dial on the front of the machine. Turning the dial turns it on and sets the level of heat.

This sucker is heavy, weighing in at 23 pounds and it is 16 x 19 inches in size and 6 inches high off the counter.

The grill grates are not non stick, but instead require seasoning similar to what you would do with a cast iron skillet. Simply turn the heat up to high and lightly brush some oil on with a paper towel. Once seasoned, the food should not stick to the grill during cooking.

downtown electric hibachi grill-2

The actual grill rests on the heating element and uses a technology called Thermoceramix. This technology allows high heat to be evenly distributed across the entire grill surface.

downtown electric hibachi grill-3

To start it up, simply plug it in and turn the dial. The Downtown Grill is able to get up to 700F in 10 minutes time. I was impressed with how quickly it got very hot!

downtown electric hibachi grill-4

There are many foods I love to grill and having an indoor grill is awesome so that grilling can happen all year long. I marinated a few boneless skinless chicken breasts in some chipotle garlic paste that I blended up. The chicken breasts marinated in the fridge for about 4 hours. Then they went onto the seasoned Downtown Grill. Immediately, you could hear the sizzle and smell the chicken and marinade.

downtown electric hibachi grill-5

Halfway through the cooking, I used some tongs to flip the chicken. I was so pleased to see the beautiful grill char marks on the meat. They looked just as nice as if I grilled these outside on my gas grill! The chicken breasts continued to cook on the grill until they reached 165F. I sliced them up and used them in some tasty fajitas.

downtown electric hibachi grill-6

The Downtown Grill comes with a cleaning tool that allows you to get into the grooves and scrape all the buildup off the surface area. The grates are very durable and you are encouraged to scrape thoroughly to get all the debris off.


The Downtown grill can cook many different things, but one of my favourites is shrimp. With the high heat that the Thermoceramix can transfer, grilling up shrimp does not take too long and these turned out great for shrimp tacos, pasta, or just on their own.

Downtown Grill 3

Any grilling enthusiast wants a grill that does steak well. Downtown Grill advertises that this electric hibachi will cook a steak that rivals one made at a steakhouse. Well, I can say that the Downtown Grill does cook a steak very well. The high heat creates an excellent sizzle and the desired char marks. I grilled a couple different cuts of steak and was quite pleased with the results. I love a good striploin and it tasted awesome off this grill.

The Downtown Grill is pricier than most indoor electric grills on the market, but the performance is superior and it is built to last. I can definitely say that I would recommend this grill to anyone preparing for the colder temperatures and wanting to grill indoors.

Disclaimer: Downtown Grill  provided me with the indoor grill. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product.


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  • does the grate come off for cleaning

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  • I used twice……to hard to clean and to much smoke in the house for an indoor grill……pay this grill for nothing….

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  • Best electric grill ever, except most certainly too much smoke to be used indoors (no matter what may be advertised). Very powerful in a compact design. Perfect chargrill marks on anything you put on it. I’d buy another again, but where?

    • Reply
    • I don’t believe they are available anymore – too bad.
      The company seems to have vanished.

      I love mine, but the smoke is an issue.
      Open the window, crank up the hood fan, and it still works.

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