Breville the Handy Mix Scraper Review


This is one great mixer!

I love the features of this mixer. Extremely well built and performs great, but somewhat pricey for a hand mixer.

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The Handy Mix Scraper by Breville is not your ordinary hand mixer. I have gone through many of them over the years and I usually find them to be cheaply built. Not this mixer. The Handy Mix Scraper is on the high end of hand mixers.

I love that it has the term ‘handy’ in its name because that is an appropriate term for this appliance. This mixer is handy – there are a number of features that Breville has thrown into this appliance which are practical for the tasks of beating and mixing. The people of Breville know very well the products they make and how to make them better!

Since first trying this hand mixer, it has found a place on my countertop. That space is reserved for appliances I use on a regular basis, so the fact that the Handy Mix Scraper is on the countertop shows how much I like it.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

I love that this mixer comes with a canister to hold all the attachments. It is a slick design where the attachments fit in the case along with the cord. Then the actual mixer will hook to the top of the canister allowing everything to be stored away with a very small footprint.

Breville has definitely proven to be very smart with there designs over the years and this is one example that shows they know how to be clever and practical. I love the way this machine is built. All around it all just makes sense.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

The standard beaters are great. They have a rubber scraper at the bottom of the beaters. These are great because they are able to get right to the base of the bowl and mix batter up very well. You will likely not find dry mix in the base of the bowl.

These beaters are also quiet. You will not hear them banging against a glass mixing bowl.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

This mixer also comes with whisk beaters which is great for making whipped cream or scrambled eggs.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

There are also dough hook beaters that the mixer comes with, although I have not used them. Since I have a stand mixer, I use that to make pizza and bread dough.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

There is a trigger under the handle which is used to release the hooks.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

The top of the handle has the control panel. Along with the on/off button, there is also a pause button and a speed wheel. The speed wheel is super easy to control, allowing you to turn the dial with your thumb. I love it because you can adjust the speed with the same hand you are holding the mixer, leaving your other hand to hold the bowl.

The speed wheel can also be pushed which gives a speed boost as long as you press it in.

The display shows the speed on the left and the time on the right. The time runs as long as the mixer is running. This is super helpful for those recipes that say to beat for 2 minutes. This way, you know exactly how long it has been going and you do not need to rely on a clock or other timer.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

To test, I decided to make some brownies. Who doesn’t love brownies. I used a glass mixing bowl and the standard beaters.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

The mixer runs very smoothly. I love that the slow speed is actually quite slow and as you turn the wheel to increase the speed, it gradually increases slowly so that the batter does not splatter around.

One other cool feature of the mixer is that there is a light underneath the mixer that is pointing down illuminating whatever it is blending. This is really handy as it gives you a bright clear view of the batter.

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

The mixer is really nice. It does what it is supposed to do and the batter was smooth and well mixed!

Breville the Handy Mix Scraper-

The brownies turned out great!

I love the Handy Mix Scraper. Not only is it just a good hand mixer, it has a bunch of cool features that I have not seen before in other mixers. These features turn this mixer into something much better than the $24.99 type mixers you can buy. While I do love this mixer, the downside is that it is definitely on the pricey side. With the price tag, some will not want to spend so much on a mixer. But, I will say that this is best hand mixer I have used, and by a wide margin.

You can purchase this at Amazon: the Handy Mix Scraper

Disclaimer: Breville provided me with the Handy Mix Scraper. They did not pay me for this review and the views expressed above are my honest reactions after trying the product. This post contains affiliate links.

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