12 Days of Super Bowl Snacks

Football playoffs are about to start this weekend. I am excited because my Atlanta Falcons have made it and are in the ‘Second Season’ as coach Mike Smith likes to say. It will be a challenge for Atlanta to take it all the way as there are some tough opponents out there, namely the Packers and the Saints. If the Falcons want to make it to the Super Bowl, not only will they have to beat those teams, they will have to do it in on the road. Regardless, I am looking forward to it and hope that Mike Smith and Matt Ryan finally get their first playoff win against the Giants this weekend.

Everything is leading up to the big game on February 5th. If I was a betting man and had to pick the two teams I think will be in the Super Bowl I think that it will be the Baltimore Ravens and the New Orleans Saints. I think that the Ravens are the most well rounded team in the AFC and the Saints offense is firing on all cylinders right now.

Every Super Bowl party needs plenty of party food and for 12 days, starting on January 9, I will be posting up a new salty snack. Every day after January 9th the number will be replaced with a picture of the snack. You will then be able to click on the link and go to the post with the recipe. The 24 Days of Christmas Baking in November was for those with a sweet tooth but these 12 goodies will focus on those who like salty snacks! Make sure you check back and see what appetizers and snacks you can include in this years Super Bowl party!