Pulled Pork Sliders

I love pulled pork.

Really, I do.

I have a serious weakness for the stuff. Scoop some pulled pork on a bun with shredded cabbage and I am one happy man!

Now, pulled pork, done in the smoker with a nice spice rub and homemade BBQ sauce – that is dynamite. Occasionally though, there is the need for something quick and easy. Enter these pulled pork sliders!

The recipe for this pulled pork could not be simpler. From the list of ingredients to the cooking method, this pulled pork is a snap. The pulled pork is cooked in the slow cooker with pop. Yes, that’s it – POP!

You pick the kind- Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, Dr. Pepper, Vernors!

After 8 hours in the slow cooker, shred the meat and mix it with your favourite BBQ sauce. Another hour or two in the slow cooker and you are rockin’ and ready to put those sliders together.

Many have heard the list of ingredients and were skeptical. Actually, I was, until I tried it. I never expected them to be as good as they are. Every time I make them they are a HUGE hit. Give them a try – you will not regret it!

Pulled pork sliders are great to make for game night. They are perfect party food!

Pulled Pork Sliders - easy to make with pop and BBQ sauce

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This pulled pork on a slider bun is a snap to make with very few ingredients and cooked in the slow cooker. Great for game night and the perfect party food.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 9 hours
Total Time: 9 hours 10 minutes
Servings: 24 sliders


  • a 3-5 pound pork roast (shoulder, butt, etc.)
  • 2-3 cans of pop (cola, root beer, Dr. Pepper)
  • 1-2 bottles of BBQ sauce
  • cole slaw mix or shredded cabbage
  • 24 slider buns


  • Place pork roast in a slow cooker and fill with pop so that the roast is totally covered in the pop.
  • Cook on low in the slow cooker for 8 hours.
  • Remove the pork roast from the slow cooker and empty the pop out.
  • Shred the pork with two forks.
  • Place the shredded pork back into the slow cooker and mix with the BBQ sauce. There should be enough BBQ sauce so that it is quite 'saucy'.
  • Cook on low for 1-2 hours.
  • Scoop some pulled pork on a slider bun with shredded cabbage.



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  • 5 stars
    Hey Steve. What’s your suggestion for converting your recipes to Instant Pot timing ?

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  • 5 stars
    This is so delicious! Special thanks to the chef for cooking and sharing!

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  • 5 stars
    It’s also really good with ginger ale, and with Crisp Apple Sparkling Ice (you could substitute sparkling apple juice or cider.) No matter what liquid I use, I always add a bottle of liquid smoke. Lately though, I’ve preferred the “dry-cook” method: I make a paste by mixing my favorite dry rub with about 1/4-cup of yellow mustard, a few tablespoons of liquid smoke, and a splash of apple cider vinegar. Then I slather it all over the pork butt, put it in the crock pot, and cook on low. There’s no need to add any liquid; you’ll be amazed at how much liquid you’ll find in the crock pot after 8 hours. The pork basically cooks in its own fat and juices.

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    • Oh, btw, the Coke trick also works great with beef roast in the slow cooker: chuck roast + can of stewed tomatoes + Coca-Cola (or Dr. Pepper) = REALLY good pot roast.

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  • This would make such a great lunch now! mmm…
    The more I browse this site, the more I fall in love. And the hungrier I become 🙂

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  • Who doesn’t love pulled pork and sliders. Always a recipe for happiness.

    Hope all is well with you. Cheers!

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  • oh yum, those pulled pork sliders look great!

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  • This is the second pulled pork recipe I’ve seen today! Pork shoulder is now going on my shopping list…yours looks amazing, Steve~

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  • I’ve seen the Dr. Pepper versions, but I can’t stand the stuff. Now, why just using Coke never occurred to me… duh! These look great!

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  • Looks like I know what to make for Memorial Day weekend!! These look great!! 🙂

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  • This would be a perfect recipe for Have a Coke Day on May 8th 🙂

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  • I have to make these for my husband…he LOVES pulled pork. And the fact that they are sliders is just perfect!

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  • I have tried the cola and it does quite well, but now I am thinking of the root beer version-yum! Pulled pork is so versatile, I am glad to have leftovers. Your sliders look to be a tasty idea!

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  • That’s exactly how I make my pulled pork. Who would have thought that cola would be good with the meat? It was great! I have also done this with beef as well. I use a sweet BBQ sauce for the pork but I used a jack daniels BBQ sauce for the beef which has quite a smokey taste. Mmmmmmmm! Never thought about doing the sliders. Good idea! Thanks Steve!

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  • I LOVE pulled pork too!! so good and it’s even better when it comes out of a slow cooker!!

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  • Looks like a great comfort kind of dinner 🙂

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