Angry Birds Cupcake Toppers

Today was my oldest son’s birthday. He loves Angry Birds. Actually, all three of the kids love Angry Birds. I have been wanting to try making cupcake toppers for a while with buttercream fondant and figured this would be the perfect time to have a go at it. I was expecting fondant to be difficult both to make and use but I was wrong. It was actually incredibly easy and totally fun. Using fondant to make cupcake toppers is the adult version of play doh! Plus, in the end you get to eat it. Below are pictures of all the birds and pigs I made. The kids were so excited when they saw them. I will definitely be making cupcake toppers again!

Step-by-step photo directions for each bird can be found HERE

Directions for making fondant (from allrecipes)

  1. With an electric mixer beat together the shortening, corn syrup, salt and vanilla until creamy and smooth. Slowly add the icing sugar, kneading it into the creamed mixture. If you have a stand up mixer (Kitchen Aid, Cuisenart or equivalent), you can use the dough hook to knead the icing sugar in the dough. Store the dough in an airtight container in the fridge or some place cool.
  2. You can colour the fondant using food colouring designed for icing. I used Wilton icing colours found here. I got them from my local bulk food store.

Red Bird and Green Pig

Yellow Bird and Helmet Pig

Blue Bird and Beard Pig

Black Bird and King Pig

Green Bird and White Bird


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  • Steve, you never cease to amaze me… but this is really outstanding!! You are very talented with design and art. I could hardly draw these birds so well, let alone make them out of fondant. I hope your son had a wonderful birthday. 🙂 Well done!! Can’t wait to see the step by step process. 🙂 Have a great weekend! Ramona

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  • Wow these look amazing!!! This is so creative. Nice work!

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  • I think those are the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Just adorable. No wonder your kids loved them!

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  • WOW! You are talented, aren’t you?!?! You did an amazing job. I too have wanted to try fondant. Never thought of making it myself…but thanks to your recipe I will be giving it a try (with my new Kitchenaide which should be delivered shortly – I hope) 🙂 Oh, and a HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY to BEN! I can still picture him sitting on my lap and watching Tractor Tom on my computer. 🙂 Such fond memories!

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  • So creative! You´re quite the artist in the kitchen. These little guys are quickly becomng pop icons and you´ve captured them flawlessly. I´ll bet your son was thrilled on his birthday….

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  • Look at you go! These came out soooooo well! I bet your son loved them 🙂

    I’ve never been brave enough to try fondant, but maybe you’ve encouraged me to try…. I do love playdo 😉

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  • These are perfection! Seriously adorable…

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  • I have never worked with fondant, but after seeing this it looks like it would be a fun project! Your did an amazing job on these-the expression on the some of the faces are perfect. No doubt your son was delighted when he saw these. Happy birthday to him!

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  • Haha, I’ve never played Angry Birds, but I know a ton of people that would love these. I bet your son was overjoyed!

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  • they look amazing – nicely done! + happy birthday to your son!

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  • These are incredible, you did such a great job! Now they’ll match your hats! Happy Birthday to your son!! 🙂

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