Angry Birds Hats – a non food post

I hope that you will forgive this ‘non food’ post. I have been wanting to make this post ever since Christmas and I am thrilled that today is the day. Over the Christmas season my wife knit angry bird hats for our entire family! She is talented at so many different handmade projects. She knits, quilts, sews and so much more. My wife is really quite amazing. It always floors me how she can think of something in her head and works out how to create it and then – POOF! – there it is.

Angry Birds are all the rage in our house. The kids play the games (original, Rio, and Seasons), they draw and colour them and even play Angry Birds with Lego.

So these hats she made were pretty much all from her looking at pictures of the characters and then creating her own pattern. We would watch a show on TV and she would knit away. Since they were gifts for the kids, she could only work on them while they were asleep. Below are photos of each bird. I told Janna that she needs to post the patterns for these hats. Maybe that will happen in a future post.

Here is the red bird.

The yellow bird is likely my favourite bird in the game.

The blue bird is my daughter’s hat. She just loves it!

The black bird is likely the most popular bird among our kids. They love him in the game.

The green pig. I have always wondered why Rovio made the pigs green.

I love the way the helmet pig turned out.

She is already working on future pigs. The orange pig is the current project.


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  • I need the yellow angry bird knitting pattern for boy

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  • I have two little grandsons, both of whom love Blackbird.
    If you decide to give the pattern …I would be EVER so grateful!!!

    Nanny Faye
    Nova Scotia, Canada

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  • Those are amazing! So fun. Thanks for commenting and steering me over here! Your wife is crazy talented!

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  • these are awesome!! your wife is so talented!! i love this!! 🙂

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  • Your better half does have some talent-these are so adorable! I may bake, but I am not really all that crafty-even though I love the to spend time looking on the craftzine site. I am with your daughter, I really like the blue hat. Homemade presents can be the best ones of all, I am sure your kids went crazy when they got them.
    Also, your picture of the family is priceless. Glad to pop in and see these hats as well as the picture!

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  • Go Janna! 🙂

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  • She is amazing! I agree! What a great job!
    Also, the family pic is just too funny!
    You look like you’re having way too much fun, Steve (Janna too!) The kids on the other hand are playing the part well! Thanks for sharing!

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  • These are amazing!!! So talented!!! 🙂

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