Muffuletta Olive Salad Spread

Olive salad spread recipe for muffuletta sandwich made with green and kalamata olives as well as roasted red peppers, capers, celery and green onions.

The muffuletta sandwich is a classic from New Orleans and it originated at Central Grocery & Deli in the French Quarter. This is an incredible sandwich packed with loads of …

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Muffuletta Sandwich

How to make a classic New Orleans Muffuletta sandwich with olive tapenade recipe

Years ago, my wife and I went on our honeymoon to New Orleans. While preparing our trip, I mapped out a bunch of places that I wanted to hit once …

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Classic Pork Stew

Delicious recipe and instructions for how to make pork stew in a dutch oven with pork tenderloin, potatoes, carrots, onions, mushrooms, celery and more.

Once winter comes around I love to cook any kind of comfort food and there is not much that screams comfort more than a big bowl of hearty stew. I …

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Giant NFL Sugar Cookie

Easy recipe for how to make the best sugar cookies with buttercream frosting. These giant cookies cookies are soft and cake like with sweet creamy icing.

Even though Super Bowl parties are filled with all sorts of appetizers and salty snacks, sometimes people want a sweet treat as well. One of my new favourite cookies to …

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Cheese Breadsticks

How to make cheese breadsticks at home with this simple recipe.

Years ago, I used to work at a local convenience store that made some fresh baked goods. One thing that the store would bake was cheese breadsticks. I loved working …

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Artisan Bread

Simple to make rustic artisan bread recipe that can be baked in a clay bread cloche, dutch oven, or baking sheet

Baking bread has become my new obsession. I used to think that baking bread was difficult and that it would be too difficult to learn. Unfortunately, that false idea kept …

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