Chocolate Sheet Cake

Easy Texas sheet cake recipe made in a 18x13 half sheet pan. Thin layer chocolate cake with fudge like icing. Moist cake made with butter, cocoa, sour cream.

Sheet cake is one of those classic dessert cake recipes that has been around for many years. This cake is quite different than a traditional cake. While a normal cake is …

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Vidalia Onion Pie

This baked sweet onion pie is a classic southern recipe. Made with Vidalia onions, crackers (Ritz or saltines), eggs, cheese, milk and butter. Delicious savoury pie!

There are so many recipes that I remember my mom cooking when I was a child. Over the years, I have tried to learn them. Partly to experience those delicious …

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Fruit and Nut Trail Mix

Make your own trail mix at home with a healthy mixture of ingredients. Dried cranberries, raisins, walnuts, cashews, peanuts, pepitas (pumpkin seeds) and sunflower seeds.

Making trail mix at home is a great way to have a healthy snack. While I used to buy prepackaged trail mix in the stores for years, lately I have …

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Honey Mustard Salad Dressing

Homemade salad dressing recipe is made with dijon mustard, honey and vinegar. This sweet vinaigrette is perfect for spinach or salad of greens.

With the summer approaching, it is time for some new salads. I love summer salads with fresh greens and other vegetables. The right combination of ingredients can make a salad …

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Candied Pecans

Candied pecans are a sweet and nutty treat that is seriously addictive! I remember when I went on some family trips to the southern United States and we tried pralines. …

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