Smoked Salmon with Orange Hoisin Glaze

Smoked Salmon with Orange Hoisin Glaze-3

Smoking salmon is one of the most amazing recipes I make. I smoke salmon all the time and it seems like almost any time I have the smoker going, I am looking to throw in a fillet of salmon. I have prepared salmon many different ways before throwing it in the smoker. I have tried a wet brine and dry brine. …

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Smoked Beef Ribs

Smoking Beef Ribs Recipe Back

Smoking beef ribs is a simple a delicious task. I have used this recipe in both my electric smoker and pellet smoker and the ribs have come out amazing both ways. Beef ribs are not one of the more common cuts of beef. When it comes to ribs, people tend to gravitate towards pork ribs, myself included. Even though I …

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Cheesy BBQ Sausage Bites

Cheesy BBQ Sausage Bites meatballs

Kingsford® has been around for a long time and their charcoal and briquets are used by lots of BBQ grillers. While they have lots of different types of charcoal, they have recently expanded their product line to include some BBQ sauces and rubs. The three BBQ sauces each have a great flavour, with a deep bold taste. These sauces are …

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Smoked Almonds

How to Smoke Almonds Recipe

Smoked almonds are one of those addictive snacks that are dangerous to put on the table. Over the years, I have smoked all sorts of nuts and they never last long. They are great on their own, or added to salads, candy brittle or other dishes. These taste so good and get gobbled up very quickly. Normally, I make smoked …

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Slow Cooker Beef Stew with Smoked Stewing Beef

Smoked Beef Stew

Crock Pot beef stew is easily one of my favourite recipes to make in the slow cooker. The slow cooking process allows the beef to break down and gets so tender. The Crock Pot is an ideal way to make stew. For this recipe, I did something different with the beef. Normally, when I make beef stew, I sear the …

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Smoked Leg of Lamb – Boneless

Smoked Leg of Lamb Boneless

Smoked lamb leg is one delicious meat and could not be easier with this recipe. While it is possible to smoke a whole leg of lamb with the bone in, I find that smoking it boneless is far superior. Not only does it take less time smoking leg without the bone, I also do not notice much difference in flavour. …

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Smoked Chicken Drumsticks

Smoking Chicken Drumsticks

Smoked chicken drumsticks are one of the most popular things I cook in the smoker. My family goes nuts over them and they get gobbled up so quickly. Smoking chicken drumsticks could not be easier and almost any smoker can hold lots of drumsticks so it is easy to feed a crowd. I used to wonder how long to smoke chicken …

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Smoked Pork Tenderloin with Harissa and Tangerine Glaze

I absolutely love pork tenderloin and cook it all the time. It is a reasonably priced cut of meat and is very lean. Pork tenderloin is excellent cooked whole or cut into cubes and thrown in stews, pasta dishes and so much more. Pork tenderloin is also an excellent cut of pork to smoke and I have put a number …

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Smoked Top Sirloin Roast Beef

Top sirloin roast is possibly my favourite beef roast. It is nicely marbled and comes out very tender with a rich beef flavour. Also, it is not one of the most expensive cuts of beef, so this has excellent value for what you pay. Sure it is more than cheap roasts, like inside round, eye round, tri-tip, and shoulder, but …

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